EntertainmentMarvel's Werewolf by Night: Halloween Special Release Date Announced?

Marvel’s Werewolf by Night: Halloween Special Release Date Announced?

Marvel delightedly presents to the world their first ever Halloween-themed television special, “Werewolf by Night,” to match the eerie, haunting and uncanny mood of the Halloween season.

Seeing that the scary yet enticing festival, which brings with it “tricks or treats,” is about to knock on our doors soon, the festivity of the night (where ghosts, monsters, etc., will be lurking around the streets) will most definitely be incomplete without some spooky shows, movies or TV special to watch right? Well, fear not, comrades, because Marvel has got your back – as it returns with more and more surprises for its loyal fans around the globe with new and unique content to watch when bored. Considering that October happens to be very near and the night of the said festival in question, Marvel’s Werewolf by Night will be a much-needed entertainment.

Curious and excited to know more about it? Well, check out the details that we have compiled just for you! 

Marvel’s “Werewolf by Night” – Release Date Announced and Trailer Premiered?

Who knew we all needed a spooky tale of strange hauntings (and mysterious reincarnations, perhaps?) to get us going with our day? Well, I do not know about that, but that is what I needed you all! I mean, who does not like werewolf tales these days? It is everyone’s favorite – especially if it is a Marvel’s creation, then there is no doubt it will be good.

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Marvel's "Werewolf by Night" - Release Date Announced and Trailer Premiered?
Marvel’s “Werewolf by Night” – Release Date Announced and Trailer Premiered?

Fortunately, we will get a taste of Marvel’s take on the typical Werewolf storyline. Seeing that:

  • On Saturday, Marvel Studios first announced their television special at Disney’s D23 Expo.
  • In that said event, they happen to unveil the trailer of the Halloween special.
  • Subsequently, it reveals that the special will debut on Friday, October 7, on the Disney Plus streaming platform.
  • It will also be part of Phase Four of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

 Check out the trailer of Marvel’s TV special “Werewolf by Night” below:

All that You Need to Know about the TV Special “Werewolf by Night”

“Werewolf by Night” is a forthcoming American television special and is apparently developing under the production of Marvel Studios.

Even though, 

  • Disney Plus classifies it as a comedy.
  • Kevin Feige calls it “fun,” yet it has “a little darker [and] a little scarier” than the other content produced by Marvel Studios.

What was its Inspiration?

  • It is inspired by the Marvel Comics character of the same name – making its first appearance in Marvel Spotlight #2 in February 1972.
  • It resulted from the creative abilities of Roy Thomas, Jeanie Thomas, Gerry Conway and Mike Ploog.


  • The director also highlighted that it took inspiration from horror films from the 1930s and 1940s.
  • He also compares it with the film Poltergeist (1982) and shares that:

“it would have the right level of scares.”

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TV Special Shares Continuity with other Films in the Franchise?

As per the concerned authorities,

  • It is a first Marvel Studios Special Presentation in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU).
  • But it will also be sharing continuity with the other films of the said franchise.

Writing, Direction and Production:

Great minds like Peter Cameron and Heather Quinn co-wrote the script for the screenplay of the TV special, Werewolf by Night.

Besides that, Cameron had written for prior Disney Plus series too. Such as:

  • WandaVision (2021)
  • Moon Knight (2022)

While on the other hand, Quinn also showcased her creative abilities for the show:

  • Hawkeye (2021).

Luckily, Oscar-winning composer Michael Giacchino is helming the said project in question.

Besides them, we will be having executive producers like

  • Kevin Feige
  • Louis D’Esposito
  • Victoria Alonso


The TV special will come under content categories of genres like:

  • Action
  • Comedy
  • Drama
  • Horror
  • Superhero

Running Time:

  • 60 minutes.

Marvel’s “Werewolf by Night” – What could be the Plot?

According to the premise of the new special:

  • The black and white werewolf horror t.v special will focus around “a secret group of monster hunters” gathering at “Bloodstone Castle following the death of their leader.”
  • Ultimately, they all engage in a

“mysterious and deadly competition for a powerful relic.”

  • Inevitably bringing them

“face to face with a dangerous monster.”

Overall, we will have to wait for its release to delve into this mystery further and witness the impending chaos.

Marvel’s “Werewolf by Night” – Cast and Characters:

Here are the names of the ensemble cast members for the upcoming special:

Marvel's "Werewolf by Night" - Cast and Characters:
Marvel’s “Werewolf by Night” – Cast and Characters:
  • Gael García Bernal will be appearing as Jack Russell / Werewolf by Night – a man who happens to be in a curse that turns him into a werewolf at night.
  • Laura Donnelly will be playing Elsa Bloodstone – a monster hunter.
  • Harriet Sansom Harris as Verusa – the leader of a secret group of monster hunters.

While on the other hand, additional monster hunters include

  • Al Hamacher as Billy Swan.
  • Eugenie Bondurant as Linda.
  • Kirk Thatcher as Jovan.
  • Jaycob Maya as Daniel Watts.

Besides them,

  • Leonardo Nam is cast in an undisclosed role.

Other than that, a few other creatures will also be making their appearance in the television special:

  • Ulysses Bloodstone, who happens to be Elsa’s monster-hunting father, has become an animated, zombie-like being.
  • Man-Thing
  • Members of the Time Variance Authority

We have a great cast on our hands; thus, it means we are in on some excellent content that will be served on a silver platter shortly. 

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Thus, do not forget to watch the special once its premiere, and until then, check out our website to get more information about other upcoming shows, movies, t.v specials, etc.

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