FBI Season 5 Release Date Status on Paramount Plus

Great news for fans of FBI because its 5th season is confirmed to be on CBS’ fall schedule. Well, of course, this renewal was inevitable. Now it remains to be seen when FBI Season 5 will release? To find out, continue reading the article!

When will the FBI Season 5 be released?

The fall schedule of CBS will be implemented starting on 19th September 2022. And FBI Season 5 will premiere starting from 20th September 2022. Over the past few years, the show’s airing has been disrupted several times. But hopefully, this time, we will get to stream the upcoming batch of episodes with zero disturbances. 

When will the FBI Season 5 be released?
When will the FBI Season 5 be released?

Who will return in the FBI’s 5th Season?

Missy Peregrym was recently on maternity leave because of her daughter. This decision confused the fans regarding her involvement in the upcoming season. So, will she return as Special Agent Maggie Bell in the 5th season or not? Yes, she will! When we last saw Maggie, she met with an accident. But hopefully, by the time of the 5th season, she’ll recover. 

Who will return in the FBI's 5th Season?
Who will return in the FBI’s 5th Season?

Other than her, most of the core cast members are expected to return in FBI Season 5. Expect to see the following:

  •  Taylor Anthony Miller as Kelly Moran
  • Vedette Lim as Elise Taylor
  • James Chen as Ian Lim
  • Roshawn Franklin as Agent Hobbs
  • Mara Davi as Samantha Kelton
  • Caleb Reese Paul as Tyler Kelton

There might be a few new additions. But CBS or the officials have not revealed any such information so far. So, you’ll have to remain patient until September to find out. 

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What is the storyline of the 5th season of FBI?

There is no official plot synopsis for the 5th season so far, but according to our speculations, the story will pick up from the finale of the 4th season. Well, Maggie will return in the upcoming season but will be a bit different. An incident of that kind can destroy anyone’s mental health. But hopefully, she’ll find her way out of all this chaos. CBS did not release the 18th episode of the 4th season(it did not go on air due to the school shooting in Texas). But we hope we’ll soon get to know its details. 

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Is there a trailer for the FBI’s 5th season?

Until now, we do not have any leads regarding the trailer or footage from the FBI’s 5th season. But from where we stand, a teaser must be just around the corner. 

Well, that was everything about the 5th season of the FBI, which will soon premiere on CBS and the CBS App. Don’t forget to mark your calendars. For more updates, stay tuned! 

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