Farzar Season 2 Premiere Date – Is it Renewed or Canceled?

Netflix’s most recent animated comedy series Farzar has its fans burst into laughter. Therefore, its viewers are already inquiring about Farzar Season 2. The series dropped its pilot season on 15th July 2022. Within just a day, it is receiving positive reviews from viewers and critics alike.

Created by Roger Black and Waco O’Guin, the show provides some light-hearted, chill humor ensuring a good time for its viewers. Black and O’Guin previously created Netflix’s Paradise PD. The show received positive responses across the board. It really did not care about crossing any boundaries when it came to its unique comedy element. Fans of Paradise PD hope that this new animation lives up to the duo’s previous success.

While animated, the show is majorly for the more mature adult audience. This attributes majorly to the constant sexual and inappropriate humor of the series. However, maybe that is the best part. Here is everything we know about a possible second season. Continue reading to find out more.

Farzar Season 2 Cast

The team is yet to reveal the exact cast of Farzar Season 2. However, this comes as no surprise since there is not much known regarding the sophomore installment yet. Nonetheless, based on the pilot season, we can predict a possible ensemble for the follow-up installment. It is highly likely that the entire voice cast would return for the new season.

Farzar Season 2 Cast
Farzar Season 2 Cast

Voicing Czar of Farzar, Renzo is the actor Lance Reddick. Reddick is an American musician and actor. His portrayal of Cedric Daniels in The Wire and Phillip Broyles in Fringe received much praise. Further, he also appeared in Godzilla vs. Kong and The John Wick franchise. He also provided his voice for video games such as Quantum Break, Horizon Forbidden West, etc.

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David Kaye voices the paranoid scientist Barry Barris. Kaye is a popular voice actor. He voiced multiple mainstream animated roles. His most famous voice role is of Megatron in all 5 of the Transformer series. Other notable voice roles include Optimus Prime in Transformers: Animated, Professor X and Apocalypse in X-Men: Evolution, and Khyber and Shocksquatch in Ben 10: Omniverse. He also lent his voice to countless video games and anime dubs as well.

Jerry Minor voices the cyborg, Scootie. Minor is an American comedian, writer, and actor. His most popular comedic roles include various television programs such as Saturday Night Live, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, and Mr. Show.

Gray Griffin voices Queen Flammy. Griffin, also known as Grey DeLisle, is an American comedian, voice actress, and singer-songwriter. She voiced Daphne Blake in Scooby-Doo and the Cyber Chase, a role she inherited from her teacher following her suicide. Further, in 2018, she released “My First Comedy Special”, her debut standup comedy act.

Moreover, Kari Wahlgren voices the characters of Val and Mal. Dana Snyder voices three different characters, namely Bazarack, Billy, and Fichael. It is possible that the sophomore season may have newer additions to its ensemble cast. However, for now, there is no information available that confirms or denies this.

Release Date

As the pilot season was released only a day ago, there is currently no information available regarding Farzar Season 2. Nonetheless, that does not rule out the possibility of a new season. The first season’s finale left multiple plots open, therefore, hinting towards a follow-up installment. Furthermore, Black and O’Guin’s Paradise PD ran for a total of 4 seasons. Hence, it is plausible that this series may follow a similar trend. Whether Farzar receives renewal for season 2 or not largely depends on the viewership that season 1 receives.

Farzar Season 2 Premiere Date - Is it Renewed or Canceled?
Farzar Season 2 Premiere Date – Is it Renewed or Canceled?

Provided that the animated comedy receives its renewal for a sophomore season soon, it is possible that Farzar Season 2 releases about a year from now. We expect a late summer or early fall release date in 2023. In addition to this, the pilot season dropped all 10 of its episode simultaneously. Therefore, the second season may follow the same trend.

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What gives us hope is that Netflix signed a multi-year deal with the show’s creators. This includes Farzar season 1 and likely Farzar Season 2 as well. In an interview with Deadline, the duo stated,

“We couldn’t be happier that Netflix finally ‘put a ring on this. It’s a great network full of nice people and a great place to work!”

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Storyline For Season 2

The basic premise of the series follows Prince Michael and his clan as they make their way out of their domed human city. They hope to defeat the evil aliens that plan to take over and wipe all of humanity. However, as the bunch head on to their journey, Fichael soon realizes that everything is not as it seems. Maybe he was deceived his entire life.

Fichael discovers that the root cause of his planning being in danger is, in fact, his own father, Renzo. The incompetent prince then attempts to bring about a truce between the humans and aliens. However, it was of little success. In the final episode, we see Bazarack try to attack Dome City. Alongside him is his army of aliens. Renzo’s haughtiness leads to his untimely demise during the war, and Barazrk succeeds in breaking down the Dome.

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As the show ended on this note, there is still much room for a follow-up season. If the show receives renewal for Farzar season 2, we expect that Bazaracks’s attempts to capture Dome City will continue. With Renzo out of the way, things seem to be much easier for him now.

Farzar Season 2 Storyline
Farzar Season 2 Storyline

Simultaneously, the second season may further show the SHAT Squad and Fichael attempting to rebuild a peaceful society. While Renzo may be dead in season 1, that does not mean the end of his character. Barry’s mad experiments may lead to him being resurrected and back into the storyline for the sophomore installment. However, if Renzo returns, things may seem bleak for Fichael as he tries to establish peace in the area.


The trailer for Farzar Season 2 is not out yet. Clearly, this should be no surprise to anyone. This is because there is little to no information available regarding the status of a second season. However, if the animated comedy receives its renewal, we expect a trailer to follow as well. It is likely that the trailer would release 2-3 weeks prior to Farzar Season 2’s release.

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