EntertainmentNetflix The Sea Beast Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer, and Production Status

Netflix The Sea Beast Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer, and Production Status

Netflix The Sea Beast, is the latest nautical adventure movie. It is full of exciting twists and turns and wholesome moments. The film is directed by Chris Williams and has a 7.1 out of 10 IMDb rating. Further, it also has an overall 94% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

Williams has previously worked on movies such as Big Hero 6, Moana, and Bolt. His inspiration for the film comes from the mysterious creatures found on 16th and 17th-century nautical maps. In an interview with Variety, he said,

The Sea Beast is the kind of story I’ve always wanted to take on. It’s a tale of high adventure where our hero leaves the known world and ventures out into uncharted waters. As it turns out, I’m doing the same thing.”

Netflix The Sea Beast Cast

Chris Williams did a splendid job with casting for the movie. In the lead, we have Karl Urban voicing Jacob Holland, a sea monster hunter. Urban is an actor from New Zealand. His portrayal of Eomer in The Lord of the Rings trilogy gained him much recognition. His most famous role to date is Billy Butcher in Prime Video’s hit series, The Boys. 

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Zaris-Angel Hator voices the young Maisie Brumble, the stow away on Holland’s ship. Hator is a child actor from Britain. She previously portrayed the role of Matilda in The West End Production.

Netflix The Sea Beast Cast
Netflix The Sea Beast Cast

Voicing Captain Crow, we have British actor Jared Francis Harris. Harris is an immensely talented actor, having appeared in the AMC drama series, Mad Men, for which he received a PrimeTime Emmy Nomination. His role as Valery Legasov in Chornobyl -an HBO miniseries- received much critical acclaim. Further, this role landed him the British Academy Television Award for Best Actor.

Marianne Jean-Baptiste voices the character of Sarah Sharpe. Jean-Baptiste is a British actress who has appeared in numerous movies and television shows. She received much appreciation and critical acclaim for her role in the 1996 comedy series Secrets & Lies. For this role, she received nominations for a Golden Globe, a BAFTA Award, and an Academy Award. She also starred in Blindspot (2015-2016) and Homecoming (since 2018).

Daniel Jonathan Stevens voices Admiral Hornagold. Stevens is a British actor who came into the limelight following his role in Downton Abbey. His most famous role, however, is that of Sir Lancelot in Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb. He recently starred in Apostle, a Netflix horror-thriller movie. 

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Jim Carter voices The King. Carter is an English actor known for his role as Mr. Carson in ITV’s Downton Abbey. Moreover, his role as Mr. Carson landed him 4 Primetime Emmy Award nominations. 

Further joining the cast is Kathy Burke as Gwen Batterbie and Doon Mackichan as The Queen. Also, Helen Sadler voices the role of Ms. Merino/Matron/Cart Driver.

Netflix The Sea Beast Release Date

Netflix The Sea Beast was recently released on 8th July 2022. William’s first solo project, the animated movie had a lot riding on it. Luckily for him, the film is receiving positive reviews all around. This is because the Sea Beast caters to the young and the more mature audiences. It provides light-hearted humor and adventure for all generations.

Netflix The Sea Beast Release Date
Netflix The Sea Beast Release Date


The official synopsis for Netflix The Sea Beast, reads,

“In an era when terrifying beasts roamed the seas, monster hunters were celebrated heroes — and none were more beloved than the great Jacob Holland. But when young Maisie Brumble stows away on his fabled ship, he’s saddled with an unexpected ally. Together they embark on an epic journey into uncharted waters and make history.”

The show follows the adventures of Jacob Holland, a sea monster hunter, and his efforts to redeem himself. Holland works alongside Captain Crow and his team to hunt and kill Sea monsters for the king and queen of the crown. After an unsuccessful mission, the team returns to find out that the king and queen plan to replace Holland and his team with a naval vessel, “The Imperator.” Admiral Hornagold heads this vessel. 

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Seeing his and his team’s jobs at risk, Jacob asks for one more chance to redeem himself. This time he promises to catch and kill the “Red Bluster.” Luckily, The King and Queen give him a final event, and Jacob heads on this journey. While on board, he realizes that an orphaned girl named Maisie is on board with him. Maisie is a Captain Crow and Jacob fan and made her way onto the ship. 

While on this adventure, Jacob and Maisie face multiple ups and downs; however, they find unlikely allies in each other.


The Netflix The Sea Beast trailer is available for fans to watch on YouTube. Furthermore, the trailer dropped a month before the movie’s release on 7th June 2022. Currently, it has over 6.5 million views.

Check official Trailer: