Fallout 76: Atlantic City Release Date Announced for December

Fallout 76 Atlantic City will soon add more value to the gaming world. Bethesda Gaming Studios is developing an advancement in the Fallout franchise, while Bethesda Softworks will publish it as a present before the new year. As Fallout 76 is heading to Atlantic City, let’s learn everything about the upcoming Fallout 76 Atlantic City.

Fallout 76 Atlantic City: Release Date

Fallout 76 Atlantic City is set to be launched on December 5, 2023. It is free to PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One on the same day. However, before the release, a public test service for the update will be open on October 3, 2023, per the announcement.

Furthermore, Bethesda Softworks disclosed Fallout 76’s boardwalk in Atlantic City in June 2023 at the Xbox Showcase. Moreover, it was also said that more than 15 million people had enjoyed the game so far.

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Fallout 76: Atlantic City Release Date Announced for December
Fallout 76: Atlantic City Release Date Announced for December

Features of Fallout 76 Atlantic City

The onrushing expedition in the game will showcase Atlantic City as its focal point. During the 2023 Tokyo Game Show, Jonathan Rush, the art director at Bethesda Game Studios, revealed a plan regarding Fallout 76 Atlantic City that it would be released in two waves of updates. The first update is set to start in December this year, while the second wave does not have a confirmed release date. In addition, Steam players who have played the previous editions of the game can enjoy testing in October, as waiting until December will be a challenge for them. However, it will be available for every game enthusiast across the globe towards the end of this year.

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Locations in the Upcoming Fallout 76 Atlantic City

The advancing Fallout 76 Atlantic City will cover locations in the city where the makers have set it. The list is mentioned below.

  • Atlantic City Boardwalk
  • Aquarium of the Atlantic
  • Quentino’s
  • Showmen Pier

Unraveling Names of Fallout 76 Atlantic City Updates

The updates centered around Fallout 76 Atlantic City are called Boardwalk Paradise and America’s Playground. The atmosphere in Fallout 76 is noticeably different from the rugged landscapes of the base game. Atlantic City exudes a more refined ambiance compared to previous locations. It boasts a casino where players can try their luck with caps and the usual array of fresh factions, creatures, missions, and rewards.

Boardwalk Paradise, the initial part of the update, will be unbolted for testing on the Public Test Server in October. In addition, The Public Test Server (PTS) in Fallout 76 is a tool where players on PC can preview and try out new game features before they are officially launched. It began as a Private Test Server during the Wastelanders update but later became accessible to all players. PC gamers are encouraged to participate, reporting any problems they find during testing to ensure a smoother release of the upcoming content.

Furthermore, Players can get a taste of the new features on Steam. The complete update is set to launch on December 5. While we do not have an exact release date for America’s Playground, it will conclude the narrative set in Atlantic City. The storyline appears to align more closely with the style of New Vegas, differing from the previous tales told in Fallout 76.

Trailer for Fallout 76 Atlantic City

The Fallout franchise has made the trailer for Fallout 76 Atlantic City public. In the trailer that unveiled the Atlantic City update, titled “The Road to Atlantic City,” there are nods to the lyrics from Bruce Springsteen’s 1982 song “Atlantic City.” The original lyrics, “Put your makeup on and fix your hair up pretty, and meet me tonight in Atlantic City,” have been altered to fit the game context as “Put your Rad-Shield on and fix your hair up pretty, because we’re headed for the boardwalk of Atlantic City.”

Finally, this article has covered the information the developers and publishers have provided until now. Stay tuned to learn more, as OpenSkyNews will take no time to update you if more juicy news comes.

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