Enola Holmes 2 Review and Ending Explained

Attention, folks! There is a new detective in town who is ready to tackle enthralling mysteries. Enola Holmes 2 brings the return of Millie Bobby Brown in the titular character of the young detective and already-famous Sherlock Holmes’s teenage sister Enola in her full glory.  

Following in her famous brother’s footsteps, the female detective for hire finds out that her struggles are still not over, as London’s society can not take a girl seriously as a sleuth. Thus, after many failed attempts at securing a case and contemplating giving up her ambition, the young detective finally gets her first official case when a match girl named Bessie (Serrana Su-Ling Bliss) comes to ask for her help in finding her missing elder sister. However, as it turns out, the said case in question is not as simple as it may appear on the outside.

Entangled in a jumbled mess of secrets, lies, evil schemes, sinister factories, gender inequality, and oppression, our leading lady might need some help from her close friends to solve this mystery that is linked with a deadly conspiracy. 

Overall, the unique story arc and well-written script for the charming sequel set up high stakes for action, romance, sibling rivalry, and whatnot! 

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Ultimately marking “Enola Holmes 2” as the sequel that is even better than the original, and its ending opens opportunities for more films in the future.

Enola Holmes 2 Review:

With a boisterously entertaining flair, the satisfying sequel not only surpasses everyone’s expectations with its arrival but also expands the world of its franchise in a meaningful way. 

A Message of Togetherness:

Building on its predecessor, the sequel highlights that Enola Holmes is not meant to be alone in a world filled with conspiracies (even though her name might suggest otherwise). But could only thrive as a successful detective with her comrades who were there all along and that too in “plain sight,” who are ready to help Enola and join in her fights as her rock. She just had to recognize their importance in her life and the great part that they happened to play in her success throughout her journey.

This, more or less, allowed us to see our protagonist not only have a better sense of herself but also witness great character development in her as well especially when she sets her pride aside and comes to terms with the fact that not every fight can be fought alone and finally asks for help. 

Enola Holmes 2 Review:
Enola Holmes 2 Review:

Not only that, but Enola Holmes also sends the viewers a message that being independent does not mean that one have to seclude themselves from the world and their loved ones and not have feelings to showcase that they are their own person.

In fact, your strength even doubles when you have the support of your family and your dear ones who stand by your side no matter what in any problem.

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It can be best described by the wise words of her mother (Helena Bonham Carter) to her daughter when she turns up to assist her in trouble:

“Strong, individual, but perhaps a little lonely. With others, you could be magnificent. Find your allies, work with them, and you will become more of who you are”.

The film gives a great message of togetherness and how even the greatest of all will, one way or another, need support from his or her allies to succeed in an impending battle.

Enola Holmes 2 – A Great Female Hero Who Inspires Others:

What makes our protagonist stand out the most is the fact that she refuses to be her brother’s shadow even though they have the same career path – though she does respect him and looks up to him as her mentor.

Embracing her identity as a female detective, she is more empathetic than analytic, like her brother, Sherlock Holmes.

Even though she is courageous, observant, determined, and a great fighter like her brother, she has her own knack for doing things and solving mysteries – which also makes her stand out too (in a good way, of course).

If we look back to the time when she was trying to establish her own detective agency, she addresses the audience by saying:

“I was going to join the pantheon of great Victorian detectives. I would be his equal, worthy of the Holmes name, or so I thought”.

Well, of course, that was because you were going to be different from another detective Enola, one who set her own standards and built her own identity as the great female sleuth, not to conform to others but aiming to inspire people.

If you ask me, she does quite well as she shows that she is a strong individual and her own person who can make her own standards and statements as a great investigator. 

And can also flourish with the help of her loyal comrades, family, friends, and the love of her life.

How To Watch A Spy Among Friends?

So, how can you be like Enola Holmes? Well, I will let her do the honors as she tries to elaborate her journey to the viewers in her charming way in the movie:

“Perhaps I should explain”.

And thus, folks, perhaps you should listen and watch the movie as it offers a whole package of fun, suspense, adventure, action, and much more!

Enola Holmes 2 Ending Explained:

Enola Holmes 2 is a rollercoaster ride that might make you grip the edge of your seat and sweat buckets because of the suspense but also makes you laugh and enjoy every bit of it.

Not to mention the fact that the editing and directing are also top-notch, which matches the heroine’s perky personality and the story’s unique touch.

Here is all that you need to know about Enola Holmes 2 ending but read on your own accord as there are going to be spoilers of the new sequel down below:

Enola Holmes 2 Ending Explained:
Enola Holmes 2 Ending Explained:

Who is Mira Troy?

As it turns out, Mira Troy is actually Sherlock’s Holmes arch nemesis, Moriarty – which, if any of you noticed, is an anagram for Mira Troy (who is a private secretary to the Treasury Minister).

Yes, the same Mira Troy who approached Enola at the high society ball when she was having a quiet moment in the balcony and gave her little advice while nonchalantly admitting that she has eyes and ears everywhere but is often gone unnoticed (mainly because she is a woman who allows her to conceal her identity which is ultimately revealed in the end).

And you guessed it right, she is also one of the main culprits behind the conspiracy that links both Enola and Sherlock Holmes cases.

Though she does get caught at the end of the movie as we see Lestrade (Adeel Akhtar) arrest her, during the end credits, it was hinted that she breaks out of jail – meaning we will have a future encounter between her and the Holmes siblings.

Enola Holmes 2 – What Happens to Match Girls?

Apparently, Bessie’s missing sister “Sarah” was, in reality, never went missing but was hiding with William Lyon. 

The two wanted to expose the sinister practices of the Lyon match factory to the world. Seeing that Lord McIntyre had struck a deal with William’s father to switch to cheap phosphorus to increase their profit which was the reason why working-class girls and women were getting sick and dying.

Though the people in power were giving it the name of typhus and dismissing the matter as that, the situation was much bigger than that.

With William’s death, Sarah takes matters into her hands and decides to expose Henry Lyon and Lord McIntyre, but the evidence is destroyed before she can do that.

Thus, with no evidence in their hands and no one taking account of the corruption of wealthy men, only one thing was left to do; a strike. 

Sarah, Bessie, and Enola inform the factory’s match girls of events and convince them to walk away from their job – which was inspired by the real-life 1888 Match Girl Strike.

What Happens to Enola Holmes?

Her detective agency finally kickstarted after the success of her first case, and she decided to stay in London and continue her detective work (prior to that, she was thinking of moving back to the countryside because of her slow start).

Throughout the film Enola Holmes 2, we also see the blossoming romance between Enola and Tewkesbury, which ultimately leads to them finally confessing their love to one another in the end; they both are now dating each other in earnest.

Who Knocks on Sherlock Holmes Door?

In an early credit scene, it was revealed that the one who knocked on Sherlock’s Holmes door (who was actually expecting to see his sister, was Dr. John Watson on Thursday afternoon at 3:59 pm.

Apparently, In Enola Holmes 2, She has set her brother up as a potential flatmate and a future partner.

Wrap Up:

Enola Holmes 2 is currently streaming on Netflix. Do not forget to watch it!


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