Elton John Net Worth

Elton John is a famous British singer who is highly successful. Apart from his singing profession, he also serves as a songwriter, pianist and composer. Therefore, Elton John’s net worth is exceptionally high. Contributing to Elton John net worth is also the commercials that he receives. In fact, to date, he has sold more than 300 million albums across the globe. To have an idea about his success, let’s draw a comparison. He is the fifth best-selling musical artist. Are you wondering who are the first five? Well, these are Madonna, Michael Jackson, Elvis and The Beatles. Are you now curious to know about Elton John net worth? Let us dive in to understand it without further ado. 

Elton John net worth

We now know that he is a viral singer. According to reports, Elton John net worth is $500 million. In 2000, Elton John net worth was close to $100 million. However, at that time, he was an extravagant spender too. He admitted that his monthly expense was close to $2 million. Most of his spending went to homes, flowers and cars he never drove. With time, he sold 20 of his cars, including Ferraris, Jaguar, Bentleys and Rolls Royce. 

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Elton John net worth
Elton John net worth

His Net Worth Over Time

Let us look at how Elton John’s net worth increased with time. In 2009, his net worth stood at $265 million; in 2011, it reduced to $240 million. However, in 2013, Elton John’s net worth increased to $300 million. In 2022, Elton John’s net worth is finally $500 million. To understand how he managed to increase his net worth, it is essential to look at his rise to success. Our subsequent success will draw your attention to his success. 

The Road To Success 

Back in 1969, he released his first album Empty Sky. Subsequently, in 1970, he released his second album titled Elton John. Both his first and second titles managed to acquire top positions on the chart. In 1973, he formed his record label, The Rocket Record Company. However, he did not use his record label company to release his music. Instead, he signed an $8 million deal with MCA. 

Constant Success

The 1980s had a significant impact on his life because, at this time, he rose to fame with the success of his multiple albums. In 1992, he signed a $39 million contract with Warner Bros. Records. It was a 12-year contract. He received a considerable cash advance for the same. He also contributed to the music used in The Lion King, a Disney animated movie. The movie later went to earn a Grammy Award for Best Song. After Princess Diana of Wales died, he released his classic, “Candle in the Wind.” The version went ahead to become the best-selling single in history, and it earned him a Grammy for Best Male Pop Recording.

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A Magnificent Art Collect 

John is a savvy art collector. The worth of his art collection is close to $200 million. A few of his prominent art collection includes works of

  • Mapplethorpe 
  • Warhol, 
  • Basquiat 
  • Haring 
  • Damien Hirst 

Back in 2004, he sold 70 photographs from his collection for a price of $900,000. 

Investment In Real Estate 

John’s investment in real estate is also commendable. Woodside, his large estate located in Old Windsor, England, served as his primary home for many homes. In 1974, he acquired this property for only 400 thousand pounds. Later, in 1988, he sold the different contents of the home in an auction that fetched him $8 million. After the successful auction, he refurbished and refurbished the house. The singer also has home in other places across the globe like 

  • Atlanta
  • Los Angeles 
  • Nice 
  • London
  • Venice 

In 2015, he acquired a Beverly Hills Estate for $33 million. The value of all his real estate property has increased with time.

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Wrap Up 

Elton John’s net worth is $500 million. Most of his wealth comes from his singing career and investment in art collection, cars and real estate. 

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