Did Dixie and Noah Break Up?

Here’s everything you need to know about dixie and noah break up!

If you happen to be a social media person, then you most probably have at least heard of Tik Tok’s sensational couple; Dixie Jane D’Amelio and Noah Timothy Beck. Whether you like it or not, since going public with their relationship in October 2020, the duo has become one of fan favourite couples. Still, there were also times when their audience became judgemental critics. Analyzing their actions to bits and criticizing the lack of attention one gives to their partner, whether it sometimes means them forgetting to ‘like’ their partner’s post or tagging them. This constant pressure can lead to one ending things at some point and might lead to the inevitable: Dixie and Noah break up.

Considering that people tend to exaggerate the couple’s simple actions and forcibly look for hidden meanings behind those actions (when there were none) did affect their relationship one way or another over time. 

So, it does not come as a surprise when we hear about their split. But, the main question here is whether Dixie and Noah break up in actuality this time, or are fans assuming once again?

Well, we have all the answers to your questions, and all you have to do is keep reading this article to know all the details about their alleged breakup.

Dixie and Noah Break Up With Each Other but Only for a Brief Second?

Dixie D’Amelio gets candid about her relationship with Noah Beck in the second season of “The D’Amelio Show” that was aired on Hulu in September 2022:

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Dixie and Noah Break Up With Each Other but Only for a Brief Second?
Dixie and Noah Break Up With Each Other but Only for a Brief Second?
  • The American singer and social media personality dropped a bombshell on her fans while revealing the news to her parents that she broke up with Noah Beck in late 2021.
  • She shares with her parents, Heidi and Marc D’Amelio, at the end of their show’s second episode that, 

“Noah — I don’t know what’s going on with that.”

  • Highlighting that at the moment, she feels “very stressed out about the whole situation” between her and Noah.
  • Subsequently clarifying that,

“We’re not talking right now. We’ve concluded that we shouldn’t talk for a little bit, but we’re broken up.”

Shocking news, isn’t it? But, fear not, folks, as there is nothing that you should be worrying about for now. Why, may you ask? Well, to put matters straight:

  • The shooting for the said season took place a while ago, and Dixie and Noah have been seen together since then.
  • Not only that, Dixie herself debunked the breakup rumours quite recently and revealed during an event in New York Fashion Week that they are back together.
  • They have just decided to keep their relationship private from now on.

So, even though Dixie and Noah split, they eventually decided to get back together.

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Did Dixie Decide to Leave Noah?

Dixie and Noah have almost always supported each other in their relationship and have never hesitated to stand up for one another whenever they got the chance. But, like some wise people have said not so long ago, ‘sometimes love is just not enough in certain instances, and it seems like the same is the case for the said duo in question.

Earlier in the episode, we also got to see a glimpse of Noah’s views on the said matter, which eventually set the mode for the revelation made by Dixie at the end of the episode about their breakup news. While talking to Markell (his roommate), he sheds light on the pivotal factor that Dixie and Noah are “kind of in a little rough patch right now.”

Noah Beck further shares that:

  • The situation “sucks,” considering they “literally are best friends.” 
  • Also, all of this happening “just at a time right now where [they are] both so busy” is not much help saving their relationship.
  • Seeing that these two are stuck in just this “weird, constant cycle” where they “barely get time to see each other.”
  • Ultimately concludes that he does not want them “to get to a point where [they] stress each other out.”

Even though Noah only says (and probably thinks) that both of them were only going through a “rough patch” at that time, the eldest D’Amelio sister, on the other hand, sets the record straight about her relationship with him by clearing the air for her fans that they were indeed over.

Thus, it more or less means that Dixie did decide to leave Noah at some point, but they resolved their issues since it was not them but the public attention that was creating problems between them.

Dixie and Noah Break Up: What Happened to Dixie D’Amelio and Noah Beck?

When it comes to problems between celebrity couples, often the cause is the scorching gaze of the media and the larger audience set upon the pros and cons of their relationship. The same thing happened to Dixie and Noah as they eventually could not handle the pressure that being an online couple inconveniently brought with it – which, more or less, led them to call off their relationship for a while.

Dixie and Noah Break Up: What Happened to Dixie D'Amelio and Noah Beck?
Dixie and Noah Break Up: What Happened to Dixie D’Amelio and Noah Beck?

However, Dixie and Noah thought better of it, and instead of going their separate ways, they opted for a much more excellent option: to keep their relationship “off the internet” and out of the public eye. 

As per Dixie, the said decision is “so much healthier for both of [they are] mental health” as well. Seeing that:

  • It not only made their relationship “better,” but it was “much more fun.”
  • It is “fun” mainly because “you’re not [constantly] worrying, ‘Oh my god, wait. You need to like my picture right now or because people say we hate each other because we didn’t do this or whatever.”
  • She also stressed on the matter of privacy that, 

“People don’t need to know what’s going on and have no right to know. It’s not like we have a relationship account that they’re following. They’re following us as [individual] people.”

We are happy that they have finally found happiness and peace with each other. Now, they do not have the pressure to post everything about their relationship with others.

Is Dixie D’Amelio Single Now?

No, Dixie D’Amelio is not single and is currently in a healthy relationship with the Tik Tok star, Noah Beck. Both of them are still happily dating but have decided to be low-key about their dating life to avoid future problems and to hinder any unwanted media opinions about their relationship.

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Even though the Tik Tok ‘It’ couple went through a rough patch that also made them break up for a while, they ultimately find their way back home to each other and will soon be celebrating their second anniversary together.


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