Why was Deshaun Watson Suspended Over Sexual Misconduct?

Deshaun Watson Suspended Over Sexual Misconduct grabbed the headline earlier this year. Additionally, the NFL and NFL Players Association gave the verdict of an 11-game suspension. Additionally, Deshaun Watson was slapped with a $5 million fine. After Deshaun Watson was Suspended Over Sexual Misconduct, Watson agreed to the settlement. Previously, for the misconduct, he initially received a six-game suspension. However, Roger Goodell, NFL Commissioner, pushed for a full-season suspension due to the predatory behaviour. 

Deshaun Watson Suspended Over Sexual Misconduct

Watson has 24 lawsuits filed against him from different women. The allegation of sexual harassment was filed during massage treatment. To date, he has settled 23 of the 24 suits. Additionally, he also signed a $230 million fully guaranteed. The contract is five years long.

Deshaun Watson Suspended Over Sexual Misconduct
Deshaun Watson Suspended Over Sexual Misconduct

Watson, in a statement, apologized for his behaviour and the pain it caused. He also took the entire accountability for the decisions that he made. He further added that he is now focusing on becoming the best version of himself, both on and off the field. He said he is still here to support his teammates even if he is not in the area. 

Whatever action is taken against Deshaun Watson, Suspended Over Sexual Misconduct is now over. There will be no additional legal steps taken against him. Soon, the player will be eligible on November 28 for reinstatement. 

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Google said that Watson is now committed to working hard and taking the necessary actions to return to the NFL. He will further have to go for a treatment plan. Furthermore, he needs to go for a professional evaluation too. He further thanked Judge Robinson and Peter Harvey for adequately addressing the problem. working

After Deshaun Watson Suspended Over Sexual Misconduct, Watson needs to work toward bringing a meaningful change. As a result of it, he will create a fund to support the work of nonprofits that works toward educating people on 

  • Healthy relationships 
  • Promoting education 
  • Prevention of assault 
  • Prevention of sexual misconduct

Now that disciplinary action has been taken against him, all we are expecting from him is meaningful change. 

The Support 

Dee and Jimmy Haslam said that Deshaun is an outstanding organization member. Further, the player has made plenty of effort and has shown true dedication to working on himself. The organization will work to support him in his process of earning the trust of the community again.

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No Criminal Actions 

Deshaun Watson Suspended Over Sexual Misconduct was a result of a 15-month-long investigation. All his accusations come from the massage therapists he hired between 2019 and March 2021. His sexual misconduct includes exposing himself to them and asking them to touch him sexually. Additionally, two women added that he pressured them to perform oral sex during the massage session. 

Watson denied these claims and said he was trying to clear his name. The grand juried involved in the case refused him to charge criminally for his actions. Also, it was ordered that Watson will now only be working with team-approved massage therapists during his NFL career. He will also be undergoing counselling sessions. 

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His punishment was a result of his lack of expressed remorse. His apology came on a very later note. Also, NFL received a fair amount of criticism for their leniency against the players for their sexual violence against women. To fight it, NFL wanted a full year suspension of the player; however, later, the present suspension was ruled. Irrespective of Deshaun Watson Suspended Over Sexual Misconduct news making around all over the internet, the player signed a $230 million five-year contract with Cleveland Browns. He was also later openly embraced by his fans. Finally, the player will be back for a game on the field on December 4. 


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