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Devin Ratray is in hot waters because of alleged rape! He was accused of sexually abusing Lisa Smith 5 years ago in his Manhattan Residence. Some of his notable projects include Home Alone, Kimi, Blue Rain, and Nebraska. His other ex-partner also charged him with domestic violence. To know more about this investigation, continue reading the article!

Is Devin Ratray actually a rapist?

His past record is not clear. So, there is a high chance that he actually committed this heinous act. Just a while ago, his ex-girlfriend filed a case because he tried to choke her. For which he had to pay a fine as well. 

Is Devin Ratray actually a rapist?
Is Devin Ratray actually a rapist?

According to the official reports, he drugged the victim and then abused her back in 2017. As per the official statements of Lisa Smith, she filed a complaint just weeks after the incident. But the inquiry did not go any further. Smith is taking this step to ensure that he does not hurt any more women because their journey was quite painful for her. 

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Smith has come forward with all her proofs. She even presented the emails which told her that her case had been closed. All this negligence really hurt her, but she never backed down. She was a friend of Ratray. When their friend group met in a bar, Ratray insisted on giving this one special drink to Smith, which he had drugged. Hence after having it, she passed out just like Ratray wanted her to. Although she was not in her senses, she could still understand what was going on with her. 

The reason why she did not file a complaint immediately was that she has gone through this process once before too. And the way police treated her was very emotionally taxing. So, she avoided it. When Smith later confronted the actor about his actions, he refused to believe that it was not consensual. When Ratray filed a complaint, the officer misunderstood and wrote down that she did not want to press any charges. One year later, she again tried to follow the legal process but to no avail. 

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Devin Ratray has denied all these allegations. However, we hope that Smith will get her long overdue justice! For more updates, don’t forget to bookmark this page. 

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