What is Detective Pikachu 2 Release Date

Detective Pikachu 2 is the sequel to the “Detective Pikachu” movie, which was released in 2019. It has been over three years since Detective Pikachu 2 was announced for the Nintendo Switch. However, after that, silence prevailed. The fans believed that the makers completely forgot about the announcement. However, now we have updates about it. Previously, the Pokemon had stepped away from his usual roles in the movie. He gained the ability to talk, follow the demands of the master, and further became a pro in investigating crime. Let us now discuss more Detective Pikachu 2. 

Detective Pikachu 2 Release Date 

According to IMDB, Detective Pikachu 2 is currently in the development stage. Even though there is no specific date, we have an expected date. Detective Pikachu 2 is expected to be out in July 2024. Also, information was acquired from the LinkedIn page of Jonathan Murphy, the developer. He recently updated his LinkedIn profile, announcing that he is using Unity/C# in an unannounced project coming near to the release and Detective Pikachu 2 followed the statement. 

Detective Pikachu 2 Release Date 
Detective Pikachu 2 Release Date

The update is surprising because even in Nintendo’s financial report, there is no information regarding the game. However, it seems like Detective Pikachu 2 is now near completion. On that note, the financial report did include the Metroid Prime 4 title. 

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Is Only The Japanese Version Of Detective Pikachu 2 Ready?

Previously, the Detective Pikachu movie came out in Japan two years before the Western release. Can we expect the same even for Detective Pikachu 2? Maybe the Japanese-only version is ready for the movie, not the western version. We do not know about it yet. It’s just speculation that we cannot help but wonder. 

More About Detective Pikachu 2 

Detective Pikachu 2 is the sequel of the 2019 movie titled Detective Pikachu. The movie belongs to the mystery, family, comedy and adventure genre. The United States and Japan are the countries of origin. Nintendo and The Pokemon Company are the production companies involved in making the movie. We do not have any updates regarding the movie’s plot or synopsis. Considering that the movie will be out in 2024, the information regarding the same will perhaps start rolling in next year. 

More About Detective Pikachu 2 
More About Detective Pikachu 2


If the primary casts return for the upcoming movie, we can expect the following casts:

  • Ryan Reynolds as Detective Pikachu
  • Justice Smith 
  • Kathryn Newton 
  • Bill Nighy 
  • Ken Watanable 
  • Chris Geere 
  • Suki Waterhouse Josette Simon 

We do not know if new faces will join the latest list of casts. 

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What To Expect From The Upcoming Movie?

The first installment was completed to leave no space for a direct sequel. Therefore, we believe that the upcoming movie will not be a direct sequel to the first installment. It is also why we think we will not be able to see all the previous casts. Also, without any link to the first installment, it is hard to predict the plot of the upcoming movie. 

However, interestingly, we do have a few questions regarding the upcoming movie. For instance, will Pikachu and Tim Goodman, his trainer, return for the sequel? Also, in the first movie, it was clear that Ryan’s soul was no longer in Pikachu. It will be interesting to see his new role in the upcoming movie. Even though the questions are endless, we will have to wait for another year to lay our hands on the answers. 

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We now know that Detective Pikachu 2 is in the development stage. However, it is near its completion. IMDB states that the movie will be out in 2024. However, there is no official announcement regarding the same. We need to wait for more time to have factual information regarding the same. 


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