Who is the Brownie the Elf?

Brownie The Elf has come back as the official mascot of the National Football League’s Cleveland Browns, and fans are in love with its vast mid-field logo! 

Every team needs a mascot and logo to represent it! Brownie served this role for the Browns for the longest time until a former team owner banished him. Fortunately, the adorable elf has slowly been making a comeback as the team’s official mascot; now, FirstEnergy Stadium features a ginormous logo for him! 

So how did Brownie come into being? Why was he chosen to become the mascot of one of the NFL’s greatest teams? Keep on reading to find out everything about Brownie The Elf. 

Who is Brownie The Elf? 

Brownie The Elf was an original logo for the Cleveland Browns when they were created in 1946. However, the mascot/logo was removed after Art Modell, the former team owner, expressed his dislike for it. As soon as he became the Browns owner, his first official act was to get rid of Brownie. 

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Who is Brownie The Elf? 
Who is Brownie The Elf?

However, Brownie has always been loved by fans, and fortunately, he has made his comeback! He is now the midfield logo for the team. His latest caricature spans horizontally across the 45- yard lines. It is so huge that even airplanes passing overhead can spot it easily. 

The Browns set up an online poll asking fans to pick the logo they would like the team to have for the 2022 NFL season. Brownie was the winner, and the team used him as their official logo on the FirstEnergy Stadium. They unveiled the new design on Tuesday with a short clip featuring it on Twitter. This is the first time since 2016 that the Browns have a midfield logo! We hope it brings them lots of luck and success in their upcoming matches. 

Brownie’s History

Brownie existed way before the Browns came into being. He is part of British folklore that dates back to the 16th century. According to Legend, he is a small, hairy creature living on farms and houses. He can help out in agricultural and domestic chores as long as he gets free lodging from humans. Moreover, this brown elf hates being spied on or given compliments. If you compliment him, he will create a huge mess, and he may even permanently leave! 

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Cleveland Browns got its name after Paul Brown was hired to coach it. At the time, people were confused about what represented the team. Is it defined by something brown like mud or dessert? 

They finally got their answer in 1946 when the team was promoting ticket sales for its game against the Miami Seahawks using Brownie The Elf. He was the official mascot and logo for the squad! He even got close to being put as a logo on the team’s orange helmets!

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Brownie continued being the official representative of the Browns until 1961, when Modell bought the team. However, the next owner Al Lerner repurchased him, and since then, his Legend has gradually returned. Brownie has patrolled the sidelines as a costumed mascot in several matches over the past decades. But, this is the first time he has been painted on the field itself. 


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