Deltarune Chapter 2 – Everything We Know So Far

In October 2018, Deltarune launched its first season. Following this, the Nintendo Switch and Playstation 4 versions were released in February 2019. The role-playing video game of Toby Fox has been considered to have an Undertale likeness. Since the first season came out, both good and bad comments were made throughout the game. And now, it’s been over a year. So, game enthusiasts are eagerly waiting for Deltarune Chapter 2. Below is everything we know about the upcoming chapter.

Release Date

Earlier, the developers announced that the game will be ready to be released by the end of 2021. But for several reasons, this could not work out. And obviously, pandemic did have some role play in it.

However, Toby has confirmed that the chapter won’t take as long as Chapter 1 to be made. Chapter 1 took 8 years to reach the end product that we now have to play. Looking at all the ongoing progress, we think Deltarune Chapter 2 will release in 2022.

Deltarune Chapter 2 Gameplay

Season 2 of Deltarune resembles its last season. In addition to bullet hell, it contains turn-based fighting. For a better experience for its players, the random encounter method that provided the basis for Undertale was deliberately deleted. During a recent interview, Toby Fox discussed the follow-up. He says that chapter 2 of Deltarune has new characters and a completely new scenario will take place. It is, therefore, safe to presume that game aficionados have a lot in store.


On his account for the new city, Toby Fox just presented several fresh pictures in Season 2. We can inform fans that they will encounter several new opponents. Moreover, we can ensure that the three parties from season one also return to season two.

Deltarune chapter 2

But with one party member, there will be a bit of a difference. This is Raleigh we’re discussing. In the second season, Ralsei has removed his cap. Note that his headwear in the first season was consistent.

The three main characters can also be seen in one of their screenshots with a doctor’s costume. We can also see a few weapons that appear like medical instruments. Maybe the second season has this. Players in the second season might disappoint these skins.

Deltarune Chapter 2 Trailer

There are many fan-made videos of the Deltarune chapter 2 trailer. But there’s still no official game trailer. There are probably a couple of months left for it to release. Although, whenever it does release, we will update this section.

Deltarune Chapter 2 More Information

Fox suggested Deltarune would have only one end. Fans may not be delighted to know about this update, particularly as one of Undertale’s largest elements has numerous finishes. But Fox adds that the player’s choices during the game are still essential.

You should attempt Deltarune if you have played Undertale before. While both games differ in many other elements, people still like them. In Undertale you can create a rudimentary knowledge of the game and then head towards Deltarune’s sequel. This will definitely help you become a better player in chapter 2.


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