Coraline 2 – When is it coming out?

After the success of Coraline, the viewers have been waiting for the Coraline 2 release date. The movie was first released back in 2009 and the movie is based on a novel written by Neil Gaiman which was first published in 2002. The movie revolved around Coraline when she and her family moved to a haunted place. In the series, when Coraline moves to the haunted houses, she discovers a hidden door. The door is no ordinary door but leads to a parallel university that is tainted with darkness and can be considered as a parallel alternate world. In the series, then Caroline moves ahead to explore the evil universe and while encountering the same, she deals with the different dangers of the world. 

In the series, Coraline not only risks her own life but also the life of her family. The series was adopted by the director Henry Selick, who is the writer, director and even the producer of the series. The series featured casts like Dakota Fanning, Teri Hatcher, Dawn French, Jeniffer Saunders, Ian McShane, Keith David, Robert Bailey and John Hodgman. The movie was a huge hit and it even earned a nomination for Oscar and Golden Globe for Best Animated Feature. The movie was created with a budget of $60 million and it earned a box office collection of $124 million. After the initial success of Coraline, the viewers started wondering if there will be Coraline 2 or not. 

Coraline 2: Release Date 

With the huge success of Coraline, the Coraline 2 is something that one is wondering whether it will be there or not. The sequel that the viewers have been waiting for is something that might not happen. The rumors that a sequel to Coraline will be happening were shut down by Gaiman who finally took to Twitter by announcing that he is waiting for a story of Coraline that is better than the previous movie as there is no point in making something less than the first movie or book. The response of the author was disappointing to the viewers. 

Coraline 2: Release Date
Coraline 2: Release Date

Why Will There Be No Coraline 2?

There will be no sequel to the Coraline movie because the author feels that the sequel of the movie will not be able to match the magic of the original movie. As a result of the same, the sequel of the movie has been dismissed. The success of the first movie actually resulted into a fear that the sequel of the movie will be disrupting the magic of the first movie. The movie Coraline is currently available on Amazon Prime Video. When the author was asked by a fan whether there will be a sequel or not, the author straightaway replied with a No. 

Why Will There Be No Coraline 2?
Why Will There Be No Coraline 2?

Coraline has an IMDb rating of 7.7. The movie enjoyed eight wins and 46 nominations in total. It belongs to the genre of animation, drama, family, fantasy and thriller. The movie comes with the tagline, “Be careful what you wish for”. Most of the filming of the movie took place in Portland, Oregon, USA. Focus Features, Laika Entertainment and Pandemonium are the production companies involved in the movie. The movie had a runtime of 1 hour and 40 minutes. Now that it is officially confirmed that there will be no sequel to Caroline, the fans can say goodbye to the rumors of Coraline 2 happening. There will be no such movie and this is currently the sad reality of the scenario. However, the fans of Gaiman can still be happy because this year, The Sandman by Gaiman will be released on Netflix in the latter half. Therefore, if you are a Gaiman fan, wait for The Sandman.

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