Constantine 2 – Warner Bros. is Developing a Sequel Featuring Keanu Reeves?

Were you all missing the charismatic personality of the cynical exorcist, John Constantine? Not to mention, a chain-smoking anti-hero who can perceive the true visage of all the unearthly beings out there, whether they happen to be half-angels or half-demons – it was a striking first impression. The intriguing character believes that nobody does a good deed without expecting something in return is back again. Yes, my dear folks! What you read just now was no joke- we seemingly have a sequel in coming (or should I say ‘Constantine 2’ to be more precise?) that will grace our screens shortly.

So, what are you waiting for Constantine’s fans around the world? Get ready to mark the grand entrance of the famous fault-finding captious critic after almost two decades! 

Who not only won our hearts with his peculiar way of stressing faults and raising objections to human beings ungodly conduct but also with his utmost will to save those very beings even when he, in need of saving, did swoop our hearts as well.

Here are all the details you need about the forthcoming sequel, Constantine 2!

Constantine 2 – Warner Bros. Resurrecting the DC Character ‘Constantine’ after 17 years?

Even though the release of the first instalment of the American superhero horror film “Constantine” did blow the box office with its remarkable debut – earning up to $230.9 million worldwide when the film only had a production budget of $70–100 million dollars. Surprisingly enough, its sequel was not considered even after its great success.

Constantine 2 - Warner Bros. Resurrecting the DC Character 'Constantine' after 17 years?
Constantine 2 – Warner Bros. Resurrecting the DC Character ‘Constantine’ after 17 years?

I mean, you would think that a theatrical release that became fans’ favorites with its ground-breaking premiere might prompt the stewards of its franchise to jump on the opportunity to gear up to start writing for its subsequent sequels, right? Well, that was not the same for this case in question – although the fans, on the other hand, were totally in favour of that idea if you ask me. 

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However, people do not say the phrase lightly that “it is better late than never” after almost giving up hope for the return of Constantine’s sequel:

  • Warner Bros. has decided to revive the said character in question after 17 years of wait.
  • The deal has resulted from Warner Bros Pictures Group co-chairs Michael De Luca and Pam Abdy.

As per Deadline Hollywood, on 16 September 2022,

  • Warner Bros. officially confirms that they will release a sequel to further delve into the fans’ favorite anti-hero story arc.
  • The said sequel in question happens to be under development at the moment.

Keanu Reeves and Francis Lawrence are Returning for the Anticipated Sequel of Constantine.

One good news after another! The unexpected yet great news about the renewal is bringing more and more joy to the DC fans with the confirmed returns of these two people in the franchise:

  • In the forthcoming sequel, Keanu Reaves will be reprising his role as our main protagonist (supernatural exorcist and demonologist), John Constantine.
  • Francis Lawrence, who made his striking directorial debut through the first instalment of Constantine, will also be showing his creative magic in the second instalment.

Seeing that,

  • Peter Stormare (Lucifer in the original film) – happens to post on Instagram about the renewal status of the second film in the said franchise in November 2020.
  • We can assume that he might be reprising his role as Lucifer in the upcoming sequel too. 
  • Although Warner Bros. representatives did not confirm it then, since the news ultimately turns out to be accurate, it means Lucifer will not sit still in the second film.
  • Considering the integral factor that he wanted to take John Constantine to hell.

Well, it seems like Constantine 2 has a lot of great stuff for us to watch, and I can not wait to get my hands on it.

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Who are the other Great Minds Joining the Project?

At present, we do not have many details about that from Warner Bros. Studios, but we did get to know that this time around, we will be having:

  • Akiva Goldsman as the scriptwriter for the screenplay of Constantine 2.

While on the other hand, 

  • Goldsman will be acting as a producer for the upcoming sequel too.

Working alongside,

  • J.J. Abrams and Hannah Minghella from Bad Robot are also producing Constantine 2.

Besides that, we also happen to find out that:

  • Lorenzo DiBonaventura and Erwin Stoff will be the executive producers for the upcoming film.

Constantine 2 – What Could be the Plot for the New Film?

It is obvious that since the news about renewal is relatively recent, it is doubtful that we will get to have some spoilers about the plot of the second instalment. However, who says that we can not speculate what is in stock for us from prior interviews?

Constantine 2 - What Could be the Plot for the New Film?
Constantine 2 – What Could be the Plot for the New Film?

As per the director, Francis Lawrence’s views about the first instalment’s popularity and the possible sequel in the year 2011:

  • The long-standing popularity of the first film has amazed him to his core.
  • It is “interesting” to note that with time, “Constantine seems like it’s become … like it has this sort of cult following, which has been great. It’s been embraced.”
  • More or less, this made him wonder about a way “to figure out a sequel,” as it would be a “great” idea.
  • However, he further adds, while delving deep into the possibility of having a sequel, that:

“if we did, and we’ve been trying to figure one out, it would be great to do the dark, scary version.”

  • Highlighting that:

“we got caught in that weird PG-13–R no man’s land, and we should do the hard-R scary version, which I would love to do.”

Considering the central fact that Francis Lawrence is returning to helm the subsequent film, it is safe to assume that the sequel might be going in the direction the past Francis Lawrence hinted towards in 2011.

Meaning that there is a high probability that we will be getting a more serious, scarier, darker and R-rated version of Constantine this time around.

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Keanu Reeves Always Wanted a Sequel for Constantine for a Long Time?

Keanu Reeves has made it crystal clear by stating many times in the past that he is open to playing the character of John Constantine:

  • He opened up about his interest in May 2019 and is willing to return to the franchise.

Sharing the same views with famous platforms like

  • Variety
  • Esquire

As well,

  • Stephen Colbert.


  • He again showed his enthusiasm to play the character in a sequel in December 2021.
  • Entailing that,

“I would love to be John Constantine again.”

  • Did you also know that John Reeves even tried to get the sequel kick start back in the days, but his solo efforts could not stand on their own to work that out?

All in all, we did get our sequel as John Reeves wanted, and if you ask me, it was inevitable too. He has revisited his old franchises that were dormant for decades in recent years. For instance:

  • Bill and Ted (2020)
  • The Matrix (2021)

Well, good for us as we have great content to watch! Do not forget to mark your calendars once the premiere date is made public.


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