Will there be a 2nd season of the Old Man?

We have great news for the fandom because the renewal news about Old Man might be true! And the best part about it is that fans didn’t have to wait long. But if the second season is to come, what will it entail? To find out more about Old Man Season 2, continue reading the article!

There is no denying that the show is one of the highest-streamed ones on FX. So, it was understandable that the streaming site would give the series another chance. Karey Burke spoke up about the success of the series. And how this fame is well deserved because of the hard work that the creators have put into the series. 

When will Old Man Season 2 be released?

The first season of Old Man premiered in June of 2022. The renewal news came while the first season was premiering, but up till now, there is no release date for the second one. But the streaming site has confirmed the renewal. We can’t predict when exactly the second season will be released as the production for the first season was not a smooth one. It started filming in 2020; however, due to the pandemic, it got delayed. So, there is no data present with us from which we can predict the filming duration of the sequel.

When will Old Man Season 2 be released?
When will Old Man Season 2 be released?

Jeff Bridges, one of the main actors, also suffered because of a very serious disease. So, production also suffered because of it. However, as he is recovering, we hope that the sequel will not take as long as the first one. However, there are speculations that the filming will begin in November. And if that is the case, then you could expect the show to wrap up filming in early 2023. But these are just speculations at the moment. So, it is better not to rely completely on them. 

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The information about the sequel is scarce. However, we have tried our best to compile everything that you need to know about the series in the article below. So, continue reading!

Who will return in the second season? 

Well, it is undesirable that without Dan Chase, the story is nothing. So, we can surely expect Jeff Bridges to return in the sequel. Moreover, we also have high hopes for those actors who survived the finale of the first season to come back. Because of the nature of the show, the majority of the cast might not be able to make a comeback. So, it totally depends on whether they fell victim to Dan Chase’s heinous acts or not. So, this is why we can’t say anything definite about the character of Ali Shawkat. 

A few characters like John Lithgow as Harold Harper, Amy Brenneman as Zoe, EJ Bonilla as Raymond Waters, and Gbenga Akinnagbe as Julian Carson will definitely make a comeback as they are crucial to the storyline. And there will be new additions as well. But we are yet to find out about the new characters of the show. So, you’ll have to remain patient for a bit longer. 

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What will happen in Old Man Season 2? 

There is no plot synopsis for the second season. The series is actually based on Thomas Perry’s novel. And it has only one part. Moreover, the episodes of the first season pretty much covered everything from the novel. And as there is no other book in the series, we are pretty much clueless. 

John Steirberg talked about the second season and what it could revolve around. Well, in the first season, as we saw, Dan Chase tried to dodge death multiple times. But until when will he be successful? So, probably in the sequel, he will be held accountable. Of course, the story will also solve the cliffhanger towards the ending of the first season. The creators revealed that Dan and Harold being in Afghanistan together, will play an important part in the upcoming season. And it will be just a matter of time until Angela realizes who her real father actually is. Judging from all these dangling storylines and theories, we are hyped up for the second season. 

So, that was everything you needed to know about The Old Man Season 2. For more such updates, don’t forget to bookmark this page! 


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