Scrooge A Christmas Carol Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer and First Look

Are you ready to relive Scrooge A Christmas Carol of Charles Dickens in a new look? If yes, you are in luck because with the movie Scrooge A Christmas Carol, Netflix is ready to bring some Christmas fun to the screen. The movie by Netflix furthermore gives a new look to the classic tale with its musical twist, along with supernatural and time-traveling elements. The movie will surely put your festive mode on. According to reports from Netflix’s Media Centre, the classic will feature a re-imagine song from Leslie Bricusse OBE, a two-time academy award winner. If you want to know more about the movie, keep reading.

Scrooge A Christmas Carol: Release Date 

We will start by discussing the movie’s release date. Netflix unveiled the movie last month on August 30. The movie was expected to release during the fall, and true to the expected date, we now have a release date. Scrooge A Christmas Carol will be available on Netflix on the 2nd of December 2022, Friday. However, before the movie’s release on Netflix, it will get a theatrical release too. The movie will be available in selected theaters from 18th November. You can choose a platform depending on where you want to enjoy a movie.

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Scrooge A Christmas Carol is a star-studded Christmas movie. Many recognizable voices are a part of the project. According to the voice casts listed on IMDB, the following casts are lending their voice for the movie:

  • Jessie Buckley for Isabel Fezziwig
  • Olivia Colman as the Ghost of Christmas Past
  • Luke Evans as Ebenezer Scrooge
  • Johnny Flynn as Bob Cratchit
  • Jonathan Pryce as Jacob Marley
  • James Cosmo for Mr. Fezziwig
  • Fra Free for Harry Huggman
  • Trevor Dion Nicholas for Ghost of Christmas present
  • Giles Terera as Tom Jenkin

Scrooge A Christmas Carol: Synopsis

Perhaps, almost all of us are familiar with this classic Christmas tale written by Charles Dickens. According to Netflix’s synopsis, the movie is a supernatural, time-traveler musical adaptation of the cult Christmas story.

The story will revolve around the same plot with a twist. If you are not familiar with the story. Here is a mini version of it. Ebenezer Scrooge, the protagonist, does not celebrate Christmas and also declines to lend money to a charity even though he is rich. People around him know for his arrogance. However, before Christmas eve, he is visited by three ghosts. The ghosts of his past, present, and future. The ghosts, through time-traveling, teach Scrooge valuable life lessons. After his time travel, he is a changed man who embraces the spirit of Christmas.

Also, the movie is perfect not only for children but also for adults who want to revisit their childhood.

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The trailer of Scrooge A Christmas Carol is not yet available. The movie is currently in its post-production phase at the time of writing. A trailer is yet to be released. However, we expect a trailer to be out soon as Christmas is not far away.

First Look Of The Movie

Even though we do not have a trailer with us, we have a chance to go through the movie’s first look. Previously, in July, Netflix shared two images of Scrooge A Christmas Carol on their social media platforms. The images revealed clearly indicates that the movie is going to be a treat for our eyes. Finally, we are expecting beautiful animations from the movie. Even the social media followers had nothing but praise for the movie.

In the first look, we can see Scrooge in a grumpy mood having a supernatural encounter with a ghost tied with chains. Additionally, the movie has the touch of both 2D effects and classic 3D animations. We are pretty excited about Scrooge A Christmas Carol. What about you? Also, stay tuned because we will update this post as soon as an official trailer is available.

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