Chrono Odyssey Gameplay Trailer Revealed

Npixel has recently unveiled a new trailer for Chrono Odyssey, its multiplayer online role-playing game. It is evident from the trailer that the developer is pretty serious about creating an incredible open world. 

According to the company’s official statement, Chrono Odyssey features intuitive combat and gameplay around time manipulation. Furthermore, Unreal Engine 5 powers the game. Additionally, the gameplay mechanics will enable the gamers to manipulate time to redefine combat and the surrounding environment. Keep reading to learn about the impressive new trailer.

Trailer For Chrono Odyssey

The trailer for Chrono Odyssey is now out, and if you haven’t watched it, you should because it is awe-inspiring. In the trailer, the players get a glimpse of the ever-changing landscape of the Chrono Odyssey. This world will house a new environment to mark each season. 

Chrono Odyssey Gameplay Trailer Revealed
Chrono Odyssey Gameplay Trailer Revealed

In addition, Chrono Odyssey’s trailer features an in-depth look at the innovative, impressive and action-packed gameplay. It is possible for gamers, while playing the game, to manipulate both space and time to explore alternative solutions and timelines. In addition, the game’s beautiful music and artistry further enhance the trailer. 

The previously released trailer shed very little information about the game. Finally, we now have a proper trailer to know what we can expect from Chrono Odyssey. The four-minute-long trailer for the game showed us the third-person combat and stunning graphics. 

What We Know From The Trailer?

The trailer revealed that the game is set in a medieval fantasy world. Also, the players will explore an open environment spread across dungeons, city buildings and villages. Interestingly, the environment will react to the player’s action. 

The new trailer focuses on drawing gamers’ attention to the combat system. While playing the game, the players can block, parry and dodge enemy attacks. Furthermore, they can counterattack the enemies using both normal and charged moves. Another thing that will cheer the gamers is that they can switch weapons in the middle of the battles and that too in real-time!

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Another piece of information that the trailer shed light on was the presence of the classes within the game. These are the classes in the game: 

  • Swordsman 
  • Paladin 
  • Ranger 
  • Sorcerer 
  • Berserker 
  • Assassin builds 

Also, we expect elemental damage in Chrono Odyssey. It is because, in the trailer, we saw the player using ice and lightning-based abilities to disarm the enemies. And, of course, we have already discussed the time manipulation mechanic. 

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Chrono Odyssey: Release Date 

An official release date for Chrono Odyssey has yet to be out. However, the earliest speculated release date for the game is 2024. We will update this section once the developers release the official release date. 

Upon release, the game will be available on the following platforms: 

  • PC 
  • PlayStation 5 
  • Xbox Series X/S

What Do The Makers Have To Say About The Game?

Samuel Seo, Chrono Odyssey producer, described the game as an ambitious project fueled by avid gamers and passionate developers. The game is all about providing the players with an immersive gaming experience. 

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Ken Kang, Chrono Odyssey technical director, said that he believes that MMORPGs serve as a gateway to cherished memories and unforgettable experience which often emerges from shared challenges and experience. 

Finally, Tei Yoon, the art director, added that through the game, they are trying to ignite the passion of gamers and give them an unforgettable gaming experience. 

Npixel, the South Korean game developer, is behind the game’s creation. It became the fastest South Korea-based game developer in Korean gaming history to earn unicorn status. Therefore, it is safe to say that this game will be a major hit. We are definitely looking forward to Chrono Odyssey; what about you?


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