Valve Reportedly Working on CSGO 2

Valve is working for CSGO 2. Richard Lewis, an Esport journalist, announced the same via Forbes. Does the news regarding Counter-Strike: Global Offensive’s major update excite you? If yes, keep reading to know more about it. First and foremost, there is a chance that CSGO 2 will launch this month itself! Previously, Lewis has successfully broken major news regarding Counter-Strike, so we got to trust him! In CSGO 2, the players can expect better performance and graphics. The same case applied to games like Dota 2 and Half-Life: Alyx when they shifted to the Source 2 engine. 

What To Expect In The Game?

Valve is working on more than just a significant upgrade. It seems like they are working together on a new CSGO 2. In the game, the players can expect a better matchmaking system. This system has a high probability of resembling FACEIT or ESEA. In addition, Valve may increase the server’s tick rate the game uses from 64 to 128. Subsequently, it will reduce the latency rate in CSGO 2 during online matches. It will give a seamless playing experience to gamers. 

Many gamers are shocked to know about the recent news about CSGO 2. It is because there needs to be more fanfare for CSGO 2. A Reddit user further strengthened the probability of CSGO 2 happening. The user discovered the following two executable files in the recent drivers that Nvidia released:

  • Csgos2.exe
  • Cs2.exe 

It confirms that ​​CSGO 2 is on its way to the players. However, there is no official announcement regarding it. 

Can We Trust The Launch Of CSGO 2?

Many Twitter users believe that a new CSGO 2 is not happening. The names of the executable file might only indicate that Valve is shifting the game to the Source 2 engine. Subsequently, many users believe the developers needed to be more active with file naming. Only time can tell the mystery behind CSGO 2.

Valve Reportedly Working on CSGO 2
Valve Reportedly Working on CSGO 2

Does CSGO 2 Indicate A Shift To Source 2 Engine?

The new name indicates a shift to the Source 2 engine. If so, the players will enjoy better texture, graphics, and smoothness. As discussed above, a transition to 128 tick servers is also in store. Many modern games like PUBG and Valorant are already using it! The ticket rate highly impacts the speed of the game to process information. Therefore, the higher the tick rate, the faster the ability of the game to process the report, which smoothens the gameplay. 

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Also, many gamers have been complaining about the matchmaking algorithm of the game for a long time. We expect that the upcoming version will fix that issue too. 

Even though the internet is divided, there is a clear majority! Users believe CSGO 2 refers to a shift to the Source 2 engine. It is not surprising because Valve did the same with DOTA 2. 

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However, one must note that nothing is official now. It is simply speculation making the rounds and keeping the gamers excited about the rumors surrounding CSGO 2. 

The Concern Of The Players 

The news regarding an upcoming game also troubled many players. The reason being many players are heavily invested in the skin economy of the game. For example, it is common for the players of Counter-Strike to invest in music kits, weapon skins, agents, stickers, and cases. Therefore, the news of a new game troubled these players regarding whether they could use the purchased skin in the new game. However, GabeFollower has assured these players that CSGO will run on Source 2 engine. However, even if that is not the case, there is a high probability that the purchased skin will work in CSGO 2. 

Please note Valve has not officially confirmed anything regarding the news circulating online. Therefore, it is best to take everything with a grain of salt. However, if any development happens in the game, we will report it immediately to you.

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