Game of Thrones: Is Hodor a Targaryen?

It would be a pure understatement to say that the Targaryens are just complex characters. These eccentric beings and their strange incestuous lifestyle have never failed to shock the viewers to their core and ultimately compel them to get used to the ways of this messy family of dragon riders. Who not only wages war over trivial matters at any given a chance but also has a complicated family tree full of secret children emerging now and then, making us wonder who will be the next one in line. So, isn’t it normal if show fans question whether Hodor is a Targaryen? 

A prominent example of Jon Snow from the Game of Thrones, a Stark bastard who was shockingly revealed to be the rightful heir to the Iron Throne in the finale, makes it seem quite normal in the context of Taragaryens. 

Curious? Well, fear not! We have all the answers to your burning questions below, so keep reading to know more.

Game of Thrones Is Hodor a Targaryen
Game of Thrones Is Hodor a Targaryen

Is Hodor a Targaryen? 

Sorry to break it to you all. Hodor is not a Targaryen, folks! It is just a fan theory that has yet to be confirmed and will never be in the future since there is no weight to it.

She sees that it has already been made clear in the television series that Hodor is Old Nan’s great-grandson and her only known relative.

Thus, leaving no room to ask further questions about his origin and find any loopholes in his family tree.

What is Hodor’s Real Name?

Hodor was originally a stable hand serving at Winterfell, whose real name was Wylis, not Hodor, for he was commonly known for all his life.

Hodor was just a nonsense word and the only word he could adequately articulate. So, people just assumed that it was his real name and began calling him by it from then on, but it was later revealed that it was not the case.

Why can Hodor only Say his Name?

Wylis, AKA Hodor, suffered a violent seizure when he was a young boy that ultimately left him mentally disabled: as a result, he was then only capable of saying one word, and that was “Hodor” – which is a slur word for the phrase “hold the door” that he heard during his seizure, not his actual name.

What was the Reason behind Hodor’s Seizure?

Hodor’s seizure was triggered due to the future Bran Stark accidentally walking into Wylis’s young self and connecting him to his present self during a vision, where he was fighting an army of wights and ultimately died protecting the Starks.

After bearing witness to his horrendous death in the future, the young boy’s mind was left broken, and he took his power of speech.

Because of his past trauma from a life-changing seizure in his youth, he can only say the slurring of the phrase “hold the door.” But his simple-mindedness did not hinder his capabilities in the least.

Even though he was lobotomized for life, he can still understand complex instructions that other people gave him. House Stark also provided him with a productive atmosphere where he used his capacities to the fullest. 

He may be slow of wits, but he was enormous, and a strong man who was extremely loyal to the Starks and even died serving them.

So, Why do People think Hodor is a Targaryen?

Many book readers think that Hodor is a Targaryen mainly because of the famous word he keeps repeating: Hodor / hold the door.

As per the popular fan theory, it has been said that Hodor is Prince Rhaegal’s son “Aegon,” who has been traumatized and is repeating her mother’s last words, “hold the door,” before The Mountains assassinated her:

“Hodor is Aegon Targaryen. When Gregor is coming for Elia and the babies, she (Elia) yells for the guards to ‘HOLD THE DOOR!’ as Gregor gets ever closer, she gets so frantic it becomes “HOLD DOOR!” then ‘HOLDOOR!’ before finally the last thing Aegon/Hodor hears before his head was dashed against the wall, causing severe brain damage and trauma was ‘HODOR!'”

But, like it or not, it is still just a theory, as there is no truth in it.

Wrap Up:

Hodor, AKA Wylis, was just an ordinary man with a pure heart who was a loyal supporter of House Stark.

So, is Hodor a Targaryen? Well, he has no Targaryen blood in his veins.


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