Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order 2: Is There Any Potential Release Date & Rumors?

Welcome back Fam! today we are here to discuss our all-time favorite show Star Wars. Yes, you heard it right! EA recently made an announcement regarding the sequel for the  Star Wars Jedi: fallen order.

However, no official announcement about the upcoming sequel has been made yet. So here the question arises: when will the announcement be made by the makers? Or is Star Wars is actually coming up with a sequel or not? So to clear all your doubts we are here today with all the news we have gathered just for you so let’s dive in and see what we have in our pockets for you?

Is Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Going to be Followed Up By a Sequel or Not?

 Just with the Rough idea of the game to be out fans have started to become a lot eager to know further. And if the game is going to happen or not and whether the makers have already planned for the official release date of the sequel or not.

This game was a super-duper hit production for EA  when it was released in the year 2019. But as we know that the license for Star War will be expiring in the year 2023 the makers of the game have a very small amount of time to produce the game and also announce it in front of the public, especially for the sequel. 

As of now, EA has just confirmed there will be a sequel to Star Wars Jedi: fallen order and they are also expecting that this is just not the end. It is expected we are going to see even more of the game.

Star Wars Jedi
Star Wars Jedi

Then the first part was released and during the high peak in 2021 EA said in an interview that they are planning on investing even more in Jedi and wish to continue with the series of the game for a longer period of time.

As they have very little time left for the makers to release all the other parts of this game.  And we’re just expecting that they are a lot faster with the dates of the series further.

Even though we are not sure about all the other parts of Star Wars, EA seemed quite confident about the second part of the star wars. They said that at least there will be the second part when asked about the further continuation of the series along with all the other information about the Star Wars universe.

EA also added that the publisher also had the opportunity to make this game account last year. Having such a demand for the game we are expecting that this game is certainly going to be is the topmost priority.

Other than that we do not have any further announcement on when and how they will be having its promotion for the game in the years 2022 and 2023?

Is EA going to announce Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order 2 in a Live in 2022?

We are expecting that the game should be out on a possible expected date that is in July 2022. And if you ask why? it is because last year in July EA had planned on their play live event which is going to be held on Twitter.

They have also shared that this live show will have some important news announced on that day and had even said that they are going to be announcing something specific and big about the Star Wars Jedi during that time.

And considering Jedi being the center of attraction of all the live news we are somehow sure that they will be announcing the date in July itself. 

They have also mentioned on Twitter that they won’t be showing the game to any of the players until the live event that is going to be held on 22nd July. However,  all of them are very excited to be celebrating their vision for the Galaxy far far away!

They might also plan to announce the most possible date for a Jedi: Fallen Order 2. He had also done this earlier itself while releasing the other parts of his game. The announcement for the release date was not made till the very end and it seems that he is once again following the same pattern.

This in turn is also a very good opportunity to increase their audience and also create a craze among the fans. With the trailer, they have just shown a few parts and had left everyone to be guessing what is in the.

Even though the publisher decides everything about the story it is EA’S responsibility to deliver the game on time. s however we’re just expecting to release so show as soon as possible along with another news of part 3 as well but till now no confirmation has been made by the makers then stay tuned with us for all such amazing updates about your favorite game in your favorite stories.

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