What is Erica Herman Net Worth?

Erica Herman recently gained quite the spotlight after filing a lawsuit against her ex-boyfriend, Tiger Woods. This led the media and spectators to dig deep into Erica Herman net worth, lifestyle, and much more. 

Erica Herman is generally a private person. Therefore, little is known about her personal life. However, she is primarily known as the girlfriend of Tiger Woods, a champion golfer. The couple started dating in 2017 and has been going strong since then. Unfortunately, things went downhill, and the two had a messy breakup which eventually led to Erica being evicted from their home. 

The breakup gained real media traction after Erica Herman filed a lawsuit against Tiger Woods for wrongful eviction. Keeping this lawsuit in mind, let us take a look at Erica Herman net worth, career, and personal life. 

Erica Herman Net Worth 

Erica is an extremely private person; therefore, barely any information regarding her life or assets is available to the public. Nonetheless, based on her experience and work in the hospitality industry, Erica Herman net worth is about $1 million. 

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The majority of this came from her job as a restaurant manager. However, she also gained some of her income through working in the entertainment industry. Erica worked as a production assistant on multiple tv projects and movies, such as “Zoo” and “The Torture Chamber of Dr. Sadism,” respectively. 

What is Erica Herman Net Worth?
What is Erica Herman Net Worth?

Previous Lawsuit Against Erica Herman 

While this may be the first time Erica Herman publicly filed a lawsuit, this definitely isn’t her first time getting stuck in legal issues. Erica was in a tiff after The Woods restaurant was sued for the wrongful death of one of their employees. After being served alcohol at the restaurant, one of the employees got into a fatal car crash. 

As a result, the deceased’s family filed a negligence lawsuit against the restaurant and some of its employees, including Erica Herman and Tiger Woods. Although a settlement was reached out of court in 2020, the payment details were never made public. 

Lawsuit Against Tiger Woods

Erica Herman recently filed a 30 million dollar lawsuit against ex-boyfriend Tiger Woods. Woods is an immensely successful entrepreneur and star golfer who gained a significant fortune through his career on and off the golf course. 

Herman has a lot to gain from this lawsuit against Woods. If she wins the case, she gains a whopping 30 times increase in her fortune overnight. To stay up to date with Erica Herman net worth and her lawsuit against Woods, keep checking this space. We will update this article with all the latest news regarding the case. 

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