Blackbird Season 2 – Is it Renewed or Canceled at Apple TV+

Apple TV+’s exclusive ‘Blackbird’ recently ended its run on the streaming site in August 2022. It had six episodes in total, each lasting for around 60 minutes. Based on the novel of James Keene, it follows the story of Jimmy. However, now that the first season has wrapped up the story quite well in its entire run of 6 episodes, can we expect Blackbird Season 2? To find out, continue reading the article!

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The show followed the story of the novel closely. Even the endings aligned. And as there is no sequel to the novel, the future of the series is already understandable. The first season ended with Jimmy meeting his father, Big Jim. And this is how his story comes to an end. So, if the second season is to come, they must come up with an even more twisted plot. And who knows how long it will take! 

Will Blackbird return for a second season?

Apple TV + ordered Blackbird as a ‘miniseries’ which simply means there won’t be a second season. So, this rules out the possibility of us getting a sequel. If we look at the past records of miniseries, rarely are their cases when the streaming site has continued with a sequel. But given that Blackbird received impressive ratings and reviews from the audience, it won’t be a shock if Apple TV+ renews it. However, keep in mind that the series is based on a novel that does not have a follow-up book. This further weakens our stance. 

Will Blackbird return for a second season?
Will Blackbird return for a second season?

If we don’t get a sequel, then we can get a prequel, as there is still some part of Larry’s life that needs to be put forward to the audience. This phase of his life is prior to the murder of Jessica Roach. But as the novel hasn’t explored that part either, it will be difficult for Dennis Lehane to come up with something which will be equally as good as the first season of Blackbird. But we still have our fingers crossed for the future! Although the second season has zero chances of happening, we still tried our best to scrape the little details that we could. You’ll read all about it later in the article! 

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Plus, Lehane hasn’t shown much interest in continuing with the show. In fact, up till now, he hasn’t talked about the possibility of a second season. So, this makes it crystal clear that Blackbird Season 2 might not happen at all. But Lehane has shown interest in adapting his other works! So, make sure to keep an out for his updates. 

What can we expect after Blackbird’s finale? 

The finale ended on a conclusive note! So this makes it clear that the actors will move on independent of the show. However, you can follow them in their upcoming projects. The actors did an impressive job in Blackbird, so you can surely expect them to see Emmy nominations in 2023. Especially our main heroes; Egerton and Hauser. 

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Due to the lack of details, this is all that we could find about Blackbird Season 2 and the chances of it happening. In case of any new updates, we’ll add them to this site. So, don’t forget to bookmark this page! 


Umama Siddiqui
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