Is there a season 5 of Virgin River?

The last episode of Virgin River Season 4 was released last week, and the fans again love the mall town drama. If you are done watching the fourth season and are waiting to know more about Virgin River Season 5, stay patient, we will give you very juicy information. However, if you are new and haven’t watched the series yet, we will give you some quick information about it. The series is based on a novel that shares the same name by Robyn Carr. It revolves around Melinda, a nurse practitioner who, to forget her past, relocates to a small town in northern California. Yes, that’s what it is about! 

In Virgin River Season 4, Mel and Jack Sheridan engagement took place. Yes, there were happy tears in the eyes of the fans. It was a sweet moment not only for the fans but also for the cast. Further, the newlywed is now expecting a baby, So that’s what the series has covered. It’s time to reveal more about Virgin River Season 5, finally. 

Virgin River Season 5: Is It Happening?

Yes, the small-town drama is returning. Virgin River Season 5 is happening! The filming of the series was supposed to begin in March 2022. However, the production was later pushed back to July. Currently, the filming is going on. Martin took to Instagram to announce the first day of the filming in July 2022. Therefore, things are going according to plan. However, there is no announcement regarding the release date of Virgin River. 

Virgin River Season 5: Is It Happening?
Virgin River Season 5: Is It Happening?

We believe that since the filming began this month, the fans will have to wait until 2023 for the upcoming season. 

Who Are All Returning For Virgin River Season 5?

Netflix recently shared on their Instagram account the casts of the upcoming season in the Zoom table read. We could see the following casts in the image:

  • Colin Lawrence 
  • Jenny Copper 
  • Annette O’Toole 
  • Benjamin Hollingsworth 

This is the confirmed cast list according to the image shared by Netflix. Of course, many other prominent casts will also return for the upcoming season. 


From the storyline of Virgin River Season 4, we can easily guess the plot of Virgin River Season 5. Of course, the upcoming season will be a lot about tee babies. Henderson previously shed light on the plot of Virgin River Season 5. He stated that the upcoming season is all about new beginnings and new storylines. Further, he said that someone might move away and leave. The real question is, who is that someone?

Many series lose the storm as the seasons start progressing. However, this is not the case with the Virgin River, which is getting more popular and hotter than in the previous seasons. One thing that has ensured this success includes the elements of cliff-hangers, emotions, romance and experiences. 

In the fifth season, the makers will wrap up some things and return to the beginning. Over the course, the series saw many unexplored relationships. Hopefully, the upcoming season will address this issue. For instance, what exactly is the backstory of Jack and Hope? According to sources, the fifth season will house 12 episodes. 

What Else?

Martine Henderson has already completed two scenes from the upcoming season. Thankfully for the fans, he has dropped juicy details. He said that the fifth season was great. Further, he added that it is the series’ best season yet. Of course, this is putting our expectations high for the series. 

So, yes, that is all about Virgin River Season 5. The fifth season is happening. The filming is taking place. However, there is no release date yet, but chances are high that it will be out next year. Stay tuned to stay updated on all the latest news regarding the upcoming season. 


Nilakshi Pathak (Late) - Articles Updated by Areeba Sheikh
Nilakshi Pathak (Late) - Articles Updated by Areeba Sheikh
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