Who Are Behind the Voice Actors in Zootopia 2 Cast?

The announcement of Zootopia 2 made headlines across the globe, and people are pretty excited to know whether their favourite characters are making a comeback in the sequel and who will lend their vocals to them. This is why we have curated a list of your famous voice actors in Zootopia 2 that you’ll get to hear as a decent lion, a sarcastic fox, and even a singing gazelle. Continue reading to find out!

Who is Nick Wilde’s Voice Actor?

Jason Bateman lends his vocals to Nick Wilde, the sly fox who keeps everyone around him on their toes. While Bateman is famous for shows such as Ozark which has a latest sequel “Ozark Season 4” and “Arrested Development”, he hadn’t explored much voice acting before giving life to the witty fox.

Who is Judy Hopps’ Voice Actor?

Ginnifer Goodwin gives voice to the partially stern and completely adorable officer Judy Hopps. With her big bunny eyes and twitchy ears, she doesn’t look much like a cop; but that’s what’s wonderful about Zootopia: the cops come in all shapes and sizes.

Who is Chief Bogo’s Voice Actor?

You can see Idris Elba’s goofy personality shining through Chief Bogo, the head of Zootoopia’s Police department. Elba doesn’t need an introduction, and you must have seen him in “The Wire” and “‘Luther.” Whereas when it comes to Chief Bogo, we believe his horns warrant the attitude and sass he exudes.

Who is Clawhauser’s Voice Actor?

From donut obsession and booming laughter to candy-melting smiles and Nate Torrence’s cheery voice, Clawhauser has it all. He’s Zootopia’s number-one favourite cop, and Torrence’s vocals make him all the more special.

Who is Mayor Lionheart’s Voice Actor?

This magnificent beast owes thanks to J. K. Simmons for voicing his concerns in the movie so effortlessly. Although we don’t see the mayor as much as we want in the movie, his presence is notable with his dialogues and wisdom.

Who is Gazelle’s Voice Actor?

Now we know she’s a superstar, but Shakira isn’t any less either. Voiced by the Waka Waka artist, Gazelle is charming, pretty, and perfect.

Who is Mr. Big’s Voice Actor?

Maurice LaMarche is a Canadian impressionist and actor who can be heard behind the quite sinister and hairy Colton Wilde, the mafia king of Zootopia.

Who is Bellwether’s Voice Actor?

Who doesn’t know Jenny Slate from “Orange is the New Black” as the sweet, nature-loving, organic-food-hoarding, plastic-waste-reducing Neri? Slate is the voice actor behind this partially sweet, low-key mysterious sheep-mayor of Zootopia.

Muhammad Usman Siddiqui
Muhammad Usman Siddiqui
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