Orange is The New Black Season 8 Release Date, Plot and Cast Expectations

7 seasons of the hit series have aired and now, fans are looking forward to Orange is the New Black season 8.

Created by Jenji Kohan, Orange is the new Black is based on a memoir titled Orange Is the New Black: My Year in a Women’s Prison written by Piper Kerman. The show revolves around a young woman, Piper, whose career and life goes down the drain. This is because she is sent to Litchfield Penitentiary for a crime she committed 10 years back thanks to her ex girlfriend. The entire series revolves around Piper adjusting to prison life and the inmates inside it. With each passing season, viewers get to see new problems Piper faces along with other inmates.

The series began airing for the very first time on Netflix in 2013 and then each year after that a new season has been released until now. As season 8 still has to release. So why is there a delay in Season 8? Has it even been renewed? Keep on reading to find out.

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Orange is the New Black Season 8 Renewal

Orange is the New Black Season 8 Renewal
Orange is the New Black Season 8 Renewal

Unfortunately the series has been cancelled and there will be no Orange is the new Black season 8. The series premiered for a long time and released seven seasons. However, that was the end of the show.

But it did make sense as prolonging the show any longer would have only meant dragging it. And the new seasons wouldn’t have been able to attract a lot of viewers. After all, the show was facing a decrease in viewers after season 5 and Netflix decided to give the show a proper ending via season 7 bringing an end to the series.

Jenji Kohan, the show’s creator, spoke about the end of the series. He said:

“After seven seasons, it is time to be released from prison. I’ll miss all of the badass ladies of Litchfield and the extraordinary crew we have worked with. My heart is orange but fades to black.”

Orange is the New Black Season 8 Release Date

Orange is the New Black Season 8 Release Date
Orange is the New Black Season 8 Release Date

There is no potential release date as there will be no Season 8. Season 8 had been cancelled even before season 7 aired. This is why there is no chance of a season 8 at all.

Orange is the New Black Spinoff

Now that the show is over for good, the only way to get more of Orange is the New Black is via spinoffs. However no official announcement has been made for any spin offs. But, Kevin Biggs, has said:

“Keep in mind we own that series and will be distributing it for a long time to come. We’re already in talks and, when the timing is right, we will talk further with Jenji about a potential sequel.”

This is a clear indication that even though there will be no Orange is the new Black season 8, a spin off in the future is due. Moreover, this spin off can be about any member of the series life out of prison or in prison. There are so many characters that we are sure viewers would love to know more about such as Suzanne and Red.

In addition to this, if we get any more updates on Orange is the New Black season 8, we will let you know here.

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