Ozark Season 4- Release Date, Plot and More

Ozark has gained in popularity and has become one of Netflix’s largest and best originals. In April 2020 we learned that the series is one of the most observed shows ever. In fact, the third season was seen by just under 30 million people. Hence, it was only a matter of time until Ozark Season 4 was renewed by the streaming platform. 

Here is everything about Ozark Season 4!

Ozark Season 4  Release Date

The show kicked off Netflix in the summer of 2017. And yet, in such little time, it has won a spot among the greatest shows available on Netflix. In June 2020, Netflix confirmed that Ozark will be back for a fourth and final season. Talking about season 4 being the last season for the series, showrunner Chris Munday said the following:

“We’re so happy Netflix recognized the importance of giving #Ozark more time to end the Byrdes’ saga right.”

This season of the crime series, however, will be halved. Season 4 will consist of 14 episodes, half of which is seven. This is a kind of good news as it means viewers will get to watch season 4 a lot earlier. Usually, it takes around 19 months for each Ozark season to get filmed and undergo post production. But with half a season releasing once and the other half later on, the release date for Ozark season 4 is much closer than expected.

According to us, the first half of season 4 will air in early 2022 whereas the remaining half will air by the end of 2022. We must confirm that filming is still ongoing for the upcoming season.


Season three was Ozark’s explosive season, allowing us to ponder tremendous quantities for the fourth season.

Ozark Season 4

Ben’s death was the stroke that broke Ruth and his loyalty to Byrdes into the camel’s back. Ruth, who has chosen to leave the family and leave her home, has joined Darlene on the Snell poppy farm, like her cousin Wyatt. Darlene offered Ruth a position to run daily production and ensure that the heroine produced on-site is distributed to the Kansas City mob.

In the end, changing allegiance proved easy for Ruth, as Darlene demonstrated more dedication and affection to the family of Ruth over months, than Byrdes had done over the years.

Ruth has a lot to show that she is not an uncomfortable person, mostly for herself, but also for the Byrdes. The grandmother of Langmore is clever and scrupulous and Darlene admires it all.

Julia Garner revealed in a recent interview that in Season 4, she desires the independence she enjoyed before the Byrdes returned.

Darlene is unlikely to have repercussions on Frank Jr. because of negotiation for the KC mob with Frank Sr. of a transaction worth millions of dollars.

There is no loss of affection between the KC mob and the Lake Ozark operation in Byrde, but we may expect much more fireworks next season without the mob to transfer cartel funds.

The Impact of Ben’s Death

At the beginning of the third season, Ben was Agent Evans’s wildcard, and his presence has been felt from beginning to finish, and he may well be felt long to finish in the fourth year despite his death.

Although he was affected by mental illness, his family’s continued dealings with the Navarro Cartel perhaps reacted most humanly. His astonishment, indignation, but eventually his naïveté about the condition in his family led Wendy to abandon his place to Helen’s hitman.

Wendy is a cool, calculated, and hardened lady, but she can shatter her in her decision to let Ben die. Her will to survive is unbelievably strong, but Wendy can find herself in a dark rabbit hole that is not likely to come home with the time to reflect on her deeds.

Jonah had more trauma than typical adults for his age. Jonah had lost sensitivity to his exposure to the family business but his uncle’s death had pushed him over the brink. In an act of vengeance, Jonah almost killed Helen but learned from it that Ben was given up by his mother Wendy, which caused him to die. During anger, Jonah blew a hole with a shotgun in the window of the living room, but his actions could be even stronger next season.

In the wake of Ben’s death, Marty has to fight with his family. Not to mention Marty doesn’t have Ruth working for him anymore, which means that the everyday activities of the casino will put him under additional pressure. Charlotte will also be seen coping with this loss in her own way.

The Byrdes become Navarro’s right-hand couple

Marty and Wendy were able to quell the battle between Navarro and the Lagunas cartel by using footage of the Lagunas cartel attack. Marty and Wendy have demonstrated their importance to the drug lord by halting the conflict and safeguarding the protection of Navarro’s family and assets.

Finally, The Byrdes proved that they were much more valuable than Helen, who was assassinated in Wendy’s and Marty’s sight. Helen has had a great deal of power and influence in the Navarra Cartel, and the Byrdes are thought to have the same force as Helen.

The consequences are enormous, as Wendy is expected to decide extremely roughly now. Helen had no difficulty making decisions to bring innocent people to death for the cartel and making money. Earlier, Wendy showed the same skepticism, but Ben’s death would seriously affect her ability to do duties such as Helen.

The job of Marty is likely to continue, as usual, washing the cartel money and seeking to put Agent Miller on his side.

Will the Byrdes attempt an escape?

The Byrdes have fallen more and deeper into the Navarro Cartel’s clutches each season. At that time Marty would have to deal with the FBI to flee their lives and freedom.

Ozark Season 4

If they were even to try to escape, both the Navarro cartel and the FBI would fiercely try and chase them.

Ozark Season 4 Cast

The following cast members are confirmed to return for the fourth season of Ozark:

  • Jason Bateman as Marty Byrde
  • Laura Linney as Wendy Byrde
  • Sofia Hublitz as Charlotte Byrde
  • Skylar Gaertner as Jonah Byrde
  • Julia Garner as Ruth Langmore
  • Lisa Emery as Darlene Snell
  • Charlie Tahan as Wyatt Langmore
  • Carson Holmes as Three Langmore
  • Jessica Frances Dukes as Special Agent Maya Miller
  • Felix Solis as Omar Navarro

It is not certain if Ben Davis will return to Tom Pelphrey because of the death of his character. If the player returns, it can be flashback more than probable.

Several new castings and confirmation of last season’s returns were reported in November 2020. Here’s the list of new cast members:

  • Alfonso Herrera (The Exorcist) as Javi Elizonndro 
  • Adam Rothenberg (Ripper Street) as Mel Sattem
  • Felix Solid (Charmed) as Omar Navarro
  • Damian Young (Homeland) as Jim Rettelsdorf
  • Bruno Bichir (Narcos) as Navarro’s Priest
  • CC Castillo (Outer Banks) as Sheriff Leigh Guerrero
  • Katrina Lenk (The Band’s Visit) as Clare Shaw
  • Aaron Gillespie (Brockmire) as Kenny
  • Patricia French as Lorna
  • Adam Rothenberg as Mel Sattem


Season 4 of Ozark has not finished production since August 2021. Moreover, the series was filming in Atlanta just in July. It’s difficult to say that season 4 will air in  2021 even though that’s what IMDB claims. The fourth season will have 14 episodes, published in two parts. We think that part 1 of the new season will air in early 2022.

No news about this series has been revealed by Netflix for 2021. So, as awful as it is, we may have to wait to reach the Byrdes and what is happening in Lake Ozarks until 2022.

Ozark Season 4 Trailer

The trailer for season 4 in Ozark has still to be released. But when it hits, we will update this section.