Are You the One Season 9 Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer, and Spoilers

Are You The One Season 9 will bring back lots of drama, kissing, and love affairs as we watch another group of people try and find their perfect match in this upcoming season.

Are You The One is a popular dating reality TV series on MTV. However, unlike other series of its category, the show features a huge plot twist! Each single has a predetermined match, and they must find them by the end of the season to win a huge cash prize! However, if not even one true match is found, then the whole group goes away with $0, and this has surprisingly happened in the past! 

The series has eight seasons, with fans asking for a ninth one for two years. What is the producers’ response? Have they given into fans’ pleas and renewed the series for another season? Or will Are You The One Season 9 always remain an unfulfilled dream for fans? Keep on reading to find out! 

Are You the One Season 9 Release Date 

Are You The One? Made its debut on MTV back in 2014! Since then, eight seasons of the popular reality tv series have come out, with the latest one airing in 2019. 

Are You the One Season 9 Release Date
Are You the One Season 9 Release Date

The series is moving to Paramount+ from MTV and is officially renewed for a global edition for Season 9! The popular streaming service announced the news in a press release. 

Casting for Are You The One Global Edition will begin in spring, and production will start in late 2022. Thus, if all goes well, we may see another exciting, fun-filled season of the controversial reality show! 


Are You The One Season 9 will feature people from different parts of the world! These people will live in an exotic house in an international location and participate in thrilling games and activities to find their true love! They will also be able to go on dates and get intimate in the ‘Boom Boom’ room. 

There will be 22 participants in the global edition, and they must try to identify their perfect match, which is predetermined through a complicated matchmaking algorithm. 

Once they have found all 11 matches, they get $1 million. The prize is equally shared between the participants. 

Season 9 may feature sexual fluidity and inter-sex relationships like Season 8. However, this information is not confirmed till now. 

The new global edition of Are You The One will be available for streaming for people in the U.S. Additionally, those living in countries where Paramount+ is available will also be able to stream the upcoming season. 

Are You The One Season 9 Cast

Are You The One Season 9 will cast 22 men and women from all around the world! These people will be recently single, participate in an “extensive matchmaking process,” and try to find their soulmate. 

Are You The One Season 9 Cast
Are You The One Season 9 Cast

We do not have the official cast list for Are You The One Season 9 as casting is yet to begin. We will update you guys once Paramount+ releases the official list. 


Late 2022 will mark the beginning of Season 9’s production. Hence, a trailer will probably become available by mid-2023.

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