Are Tristan and Khloe Dating?

Rumors of Tristan and Khloe dating are back in the air and fans are excited to find out more! 

Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson began dating all the way back in 2016. Their relationship has been quite bumpy as the two broke up and got back together several times! As of now, fans speculate that Tristan and Khloe are dating again! Is this true? Is Khloe back with the NBA star? Keep on reading to find out the latest information about Tristan and Khloe dating. 

Are Tristan and Khloe Dating? 

The road for Tristan Khloe dating has been very bump and twisty. They have broken up and gotten back together several times. However, the two are not together anymore and it seems like they never will. Khloe addressed rumors of her and Tristan dating saying, 

“I still think he’s a great guy, and he’s a great dad. He’s just not the guy for me.”

Their relationship came to an end in June 2021. We suspected that they might get back together again. However, all our hopes and speculations about Tristan and Khloe dating went down the drain after Tristan’s paternity test scandal in January. 

Are Tristan and Khloe Dating?
Are Tristan and Khloe Dating?

Tristan slept with model Maralee Nichols while he was still seeing Khloe. The two conceived a baby together and Nichols sued him with a paternity lawsuit. Tristan admitted having sex with Nichols to the court according to documents obtained from Nichols’s paternity lawsuit.

According to the documents, Tristan took responsibility for sleeping with Nichols two times after his 30th Birthday party. This happened in March 2021. This was the same time that him and Khloe began dating again. 

After the paternity lawsuit news went viral, Tristan apologized to Khloe publicly. He said,

“You don’t deserve this. You don’t deserve the heartache and humiliation I have caused you.”

Tristan and Khloe’s Relationship in 2022

Khloe talked about the paternity lawsuit scandal with ABC in an interview. She said,

“With Tristan I did feel incredibly safe in the beginning, and I felt really good for a time.”

She then recalled him cheating on her while she was pregnant with daughter True and added,

“I remember when he cheated on me right before I gave birth and I was able to still have him in the delivery room. It might have looked strange to the outside world, but when my daughter watches my home videos, those videos are going to be as pure and perfect as I was able to make them.”

Things between Tristan and Khloe are apparently okay and the two want to solely focus on co-parenting their daughter True together. 

Tristan and Khloe Dating Timeline


Tristan and Khloe have had quite a rollercoaster ride together! Their dating timeline is messy and exciting! You can find out the course of their time together down below.

Khloe’s Reaction to Tristan’s Other Child reveals on TV in May 2022

The latest episodes of The Kardashian’s have aired on Hulu just recently and we have already seen some major drama unfold. The new seasons deal with Kravis’ engagement and Kendall and Scott’s dramatic fight. Additionally, we have also found out some juicy details. According to executive producer Danielle King , they have managed to capture the moment when Khloe found out about Tristan’s child on camera! 

Danielle King explained the incident while saying, 

“Well for that particular moment, my crew was there. We were there to film something else early in the morning and the morning that news broke, we legitimately just happened to be there. We have that moment on camera. And I know sometimes it’s tough for the audience to kind of grasp like ‘Oh, did they go back and did they capture this?’ But there were so many moments that we genuinely captured just because we’re almost always there. There’s almost always a camera going.”

We do not know which episode we will get to see this heartbreaking scene in! However, the scene will be covered in one of the upcoming episodes. So make sure to remain up to date with the latest episodes of The Kardashians. 

Tristan Sending Flowers to Kris Jenner on Mother’s Day in May 2022

Although Tristan and Khloe are done for good, he is still on good terms with her family. He even sent pink and white roses to Kris Jenner on Mother’s Day this year. 

Khloe Discusses her Relationship with Tristan in April 2022

Khloe Kardashian discussed her relationship with Tristan Thompson in an interview. She talked about his infidelity and their current relationship. She admitted that the two are done with each other romantically. 

Khloe Finding Out About Tristan’s Paternity Scandal in January 2022

News of Tristan fathering a child with another woman while dating Khloe surfaced in January 2022. Khloe was devastated by the news and leaned on her mother for support. 

According to a source,

“Khloé is really struggling with what’s happening with Tristan. She’s leaning heavily on Kris all of the time. But Kris wants Khloé and Tristan to be in a good place so she’s encouraging Khloé to keep the lines of communication open.”

Tristan Taking Responsibility for Fathering a child with Nichols in January 2022

On January 3, Tristan took to Instagram and admitted the news of him fathering a child with Nichols. He apologized for his actions hurting anyone. Tristan even sent out a public apology to Khloe. He said,

“You don’t deserve this. You don’t deserve the heartache and humiliation I have caused you. You don’t deserve the way I have treated you over the years. My actions certainly have not lined up with the way I view you. I have the utmost respect and love for you. Regardless of what you may think. Again, I am so incredibly sorry.”

Maralee Nichols holding Tristan Accountable for Fatherhood in December 2021 

Maralee Nichols came forward with news of having a child with Tristan in December last year. She apparently spent several nights with the NBA star after his 30th birthday which is when she conceived his child. She then filed paternity action in Los Angeles against him. 

Maralee described her journey as, 

“I gave birth on December 1, 2021. Instead of focusing on any negativity, I am choosing to embrace being a mother and doing the best I can for my son. I do not want any further media attention, nor do I want a romantic relationship with Tristan. My goal is to raise our son in a safe, healthy, loving, and private environment.”

Khloe and Tristan Ending Things for Good in December 2021 

Khloe and Tristan were officially over in December 2021 after the two spent covid-19 lockdown together. However, they kept things civil among themselves and wanted to seamlessly co parent their child. They do not want to begin dating again and want to solely focus on the upbringing of their child. 

Tristan and Khloe Dating in August 2021

Rumors above Tristan and Khloe dating emerged in August 2021. However, neither of the two officially confirmed the news.


Tristan celebrating Khloe’s birthday in June 2021

She posted a picture of Khloe and him on Instagram while wishing the star a happy birthday. He wrote,

“Thank you for being not just an amazing partner, mommy and best friend but also being the kindest, caring and most loving human being I’ve ever met. Your love and spirit is contagious to all who’ve met you. Thank you for always being there for me and putting our family first. I love you so much. Have an amazing day. ❤️❤️”

Khloe did not react to the post! She did not like or comment on it.

Khloe and Tristan Breaking up in June 2021

Khloe and Tristan allegedly broke up in June 2021. The news came after Tristan was seen heading to a bedroom with three women at a LA party. According to eyewitnesses,

“He seemed like he was in a great mood and wanted to party. He was drinking and was partying into the early hours of the morning.”

Tristan and Khloe Dating in March 2021

Tristan and Khloe Dating in March 2021
Tristan and Khloe Dating in March 2021

Khloe confirmed that she was back with Tristan in March 2021. They were

“even stronger than they were before.”

She posted a picture with him and True and captioned it, 

“The ones that are meant to be are the ones who go through everything that is designed to tear them apart and they come out even stronger than they were before.” She also added, “I hope you know today and every day how loved you are by me and so many.”

Tristan and Khloe Dating in August 2020

Scott Disick confirmed the news of Khloe and Tristan dating by commenting “@Realtristan13 is a lucky man!” under her picture. 

Tristan and Khloe Reconciling in August 2020

A source confirmed that Tristan was back in Khloe’s life in August 2020. They said,

“And he has been amazing to Khloé too. They are very much together and Khloé is beyond happy.”

Tristan Dating Jordyn Woods in February 2019

Tristan hooked up with Kylie’s best friend Jordyn Woods as things between him and Khloe were officially over.

Rumors of Tristan and Khloe breaking up in February 2019

After a very long long distance relationship, news of the couple splitting up aired in February 2019. While being in the same city as Khloe, Tristan spent time flirting at a party instead of her.

Rumors of Tristan and Khloe breaking up in February 2019
Rumors of Tristan and Khloe breaking up in February 2019

Tristan sends Khloe Valentine’s Gifts in February 2020

A gorgeous floral bouquet was sent by Tristan to Khloe on V day. She shared a picture of it on Instagram while also sharing numerous other gifts that got from friends and family. 

Khloe and Tristan Reconciling in October 2018

Things between Khloe and Tristan got better after she returned from a family vacation.

Tristan Cheating on Khloe in April 2018

Videos of Tristan making out with various women surfaced in April 2018. Footage of him leaving a hotel bar with a mystery woman was also seen. 

Tristan Cheating on Khloe in February 2018

Tristan cheated on a pregnant Khloe with Jasmine Rose and Maya Nova James in February.

Khloe and Tristan Dating in September 2016

Khloe and Tristan seemed to enjoy each other’s company at Bootsy Bellows. They were also seen leaving together. 

Tristan Cheating on Khloe in February 2018
Tristan Cheating on Khloe in February 2018

Since then, the two celebrated labors day together and even went on a trip to Miami. The two then admitted their love for each other in January 2017. 

Khloe and Tristan went on a trip to Jamaica after their love confession. They also celebrated his birthday together in March 2017.

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