When Tay K is Releasing From Prison?

Tay K, also known as Taylor Travon McIntyre born on 16th June 2000 is a popular American rapper and a convicted killer. He earned his popularity back in 2017 with his hit “The Race” that managed to become number 44 on the US Billboard Hot 100. In January, 2018, he was further certified platinum by the RIAA. Soon, the song of Tay K became viral. 

Tay K Journey Towards Prison 


Tay K was apprehended by a US marshal on 30th June 2017. On this same day, his song, “The Race” was released too which soon became platinum in the later stage. After the release of his song, massive support started flowing up for him on social media when he was sent to Texas for his crime. Later the management company of Tay K also released his very first mixtape, Santana on 29th July 2017 and the reception of the same can be considered as warm. 

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What Was The Crime Of Tay K?

Tay K was found guilty of a murder that took place in 2016 home invasion and robbery which resulted in the killing of 21-year-old Ethan Walker. He was found guilty of the same in July 2019. In addition to that, Tay K was charged with another murder allegation in November 2019 for killing 23-year-old Mark Anthony and the trial of the same awaits. 

He admitted his role in the murder of Ethan Walker and admitted that during the robbery, he was looking for drugs in the house. The investigation was done by the detectives and the interrogation lasted for two-and-a-half-hour. While waiting for hearings, he was placed on house arrest. However, when he was on house arrest, he fled it and tweeted about the same and then, he moved to New Jersey where he recorded his song “The Race” which mostly described his legal troubles and run from the police. He was captured back in April 2019. While he was on the run on 23rd April 2017, He further got into trouble for shooting and killing Mark Anthony Saldivar while participating in a robbery. In addition to that, Tay K on 25th May 2017 attacked and rocked a 65-year-old man by holding a gun to his head before knocking him unconscious in a park. 

The long list of crimes surely has put him. On 21st July, 2017 he was placed in an adult jail, before which he held the status of being a juvenile. In the last case, He was declared to be tried as an adult. 

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What Punishments Were Slapped On Tay K?

Tay K was sentenced to 55 years in prison for the murder charge, 30 years in prison for aggravated robbery along with two 13-year prison sentences for other aggravated robberies. In addition to that, he was further slapped with a fine of $21,000 which include $10,000 for the murder charge and $11 for the three aggravated robbery charges. 

When Tay K Will Be Released?

The crimes committed by Tay K are long and extremely serious and therefore, it can be said with surety that he will not be released any time soon. He has been in prison for only four years now and he won’t be out anytime soon. It needs to be noted that his four prison terms will be served concurrently and he will be eligible for parole. However, the eligibility of the parole will be no less than 27.5 years. Even though he did not face capital punishment, he will be spending a long time in prison because of the crimes that he committed. 

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