A Friend of the Family episode 5 Release Date on Peacock

Here’s everything you need to know about A Friend of the Family episode 5!

A Friend of the Family is an actual crime show disturbing for many. Nevertheless, it is exciting for all thriller fans. It is a miniseries. The series is based on Robert Berchtold and the Broberg family. The series recently premiered on Peacock on October 6. The first four episodes were available on October 6. Now that the first four seasons are out, the fans are wondering when they can enjoy A Friend of the Family episode 5. 

A Friend of the Family episode 5: Release Date 

A Friend of the Family episode 5 will be on Thursday, Peacock 13, October 2022. As previously informed, the first four episodes were dropped simultaneously. This gave the viewers considerable time to get the hang of the series. 

A Friend of the Family episode 5: Release Date 
A Friend of the Family episode 5: Release Date

Please note that all future episodes will be rolled out on Thursday only. The show is exclusively available on Peacock. Searching for it on other prominent streaming platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video will prove futile.

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The upcoming episode is titled “The Bitter Cup.” Brian Evenson is the writer of the fifth episode. 

A Friend of the Family: The Entire Schedule 

A Friend of the Family is a mini-television series. Therefore, only a limited number of episodes are available. To be precise, the series will house nine episodes. We already know that Episodes 1- Episode 4 are out. Therefore, the list below includes the upcoming episode. 

  • The Bitter Cup – Episode 5: October 13 
  • Son of Perdition – Episode 6: 20 October 
  • The Great Deceive – Episode 7: October 27 
  • Episode 8: November 3 
  • Episode 9: November 10, 2022

What To Expect In A Friend of the Family episode 5?

The summary of A Friend of the Family episode 5 is available on IMDB. According to the summary, the Brobergs’ marriage is now a mess. They made a mistake, and now Bob and Mary Ann will face the terrible consequences of the error. On the other hand, we can see that B. is strengthening his hold over Jan. 

Do I Need A Subscription Plan To Watch A Friend of the Family episode 5?

The upcoming episode will stream on Peacock. By buying its subscription plan, you can lay your hands on the streaming service. It currently houses two subscription plans: Premium ($4.99/month) and Premium Plus ($9.99/month). The Premium plan has ads, whereas the Premium Plus plan is free of any advertisement. Also, the later program allows the users to download the episodes and watch them later in an offline mode. Peacock also offers a free subscription plan. However, you will need to buy a premium plan to stream A Friend of the Family on the platform. 

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Can I Binge Watch All The Episodes At Once?

Sadly, the answer is no. Even though Peacock dropped the first four episodes in one day, it does share the same format for the upcoming episode. The upcoming episodes will be available to the fans every Thursday. The series will follow a weekly release format. The last episode of A Friend of the Family will air on November 10. Therefore, if you want to binge-watch the series, we recommend waiting until November 10. 

Once all the series episodes are out on November 10, you can binge-watch this entire miniseries in one day. Else, you will have to book your following few Thursdays for the show. Another benefit of waiting until the finale episode before you start watching the show is that you can proceed with a premium plan for just one month instead of paying the subscription fee for two months.

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Wrap Up 

A Friend of the Family episode 5 will be out on October 13, Thursday. You will need a premium subscription to Peacock to enjoy the upcoming episode. 

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