Is Blanka’s Trilogy “365 Days” Will Have Part 4?

Here’s everything you need to know about 365 Days 4!

All the curtains are still down! Yet, the rumors dwell around the possible 4th sequel for Blanka’s trilogy “365 Days”.

On the previous successions of Blanka’s erotic trilogy “365 Days” on Netflix, the multiple sites and the fans are now expecting 365 Days 4. What will make the renewal possible for the previous releases? Perhaps an unanswered prospect of a tangled relationship between Massimo and Laura.

Controversies were all around when Netflix had its back-to-back releases for the sequels to the 365 Days while counting the mere commercial benefits. The article from Netflix’s News Room can be seen as celebrating the horning watched hours for the 365 Days Part 2. The article,

 “Top Ten Week of May Two: ‘Ozark’ Tops the English TV List and Is the Week’s Most Viewed Title” celebrated that the “365 Days: This Day took the top spot with 27.53M hours viewed – appearing in the Top 10 in 89 countries”.

Expectations for the Sequel “365 Days4”!

All the previous controversial talks not only invoke but instead entail the future expectations for the “plot.” Like, the plot should be more revealing about human relationships in terms of their spiritual connectedness while avoiding the superficial showcasing of sexual relationships.

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 Expectations for the Sequel "365 Days4"!
Expectations for the Sequel “365 Days4”!

Revelations for the “365 Days 4”!

Michele Morrone, through his Instagram, seems to create some curiosity. He writes in his recent post that,

“the end of something is always a little bit sad.. but.. who knows….”

which seems to generate a prospect for the new arrival to the franchise of “365 Days”.

Cody Schultz (from cites Blanka’s perspective about the future productions of the 365 Days. He writes that Blanka Lipinska has revealed, “Today” that,

“she’s planning to revisit the story told across the first three books from Massimo’s point of view.”

Now such revelation generates a possibility of a written script and its screen production.

Triggers after Blanka’s Revelation!

It’s pretty enticing to think about what the plot will be like when Blanka revisits it from Massimo’s point of view. Knowing that “365 Days 3” ended while leaving the audience in the atmosphere of “to be or not be,” the turn in the trilogy’s plot would be of interest.

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The plot of 365 Days 3 ended somewhat in the changing perceptions of the characters. Like, Laura has been presented as more confronting with her emotional and psychological growth. Meanwhile, the presence of Nacho as a supporting man for Laura and, at the end of this erotic drama Massimo’s turning into a dense and more concerning character furthers confusion for Laura:

“If you love something, just let it go. If it comes back, it’s yours forever. If it doesn’t, it was never meant to be.”

Massimo’s quoting these lines may suggest the turning frame for the expected sequel for Blanka’s trilogy “365 Days”. In the 4th sequel, one may find Massimo’s turning flowering into a more delicate and more spiritually connected relationship between him and Laura.


We can only assume the old cast members are reprising their roles in the expected sequel. Michele Morrone, Anna-Maria Sieklucka and Simone Susina can only be counted as continuing their roles in the fourth sequel of 365 Days because the third part ended with their conflicting stories.

365 Days 4 Cast
365 Days 4 Cast

365 Days 4 Release Date and Trailer

Since there has not been an official announcement for the sequel 365 Days 4, one can only make assumptions. Like, people expect another two years for its release while observing the previous production time for one of the sequels of 365 Days.

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Whenever there are new announcements for the expected sequel 365 Days 4, we will update them here.


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