World of Warcraft – What Awaits for WOW Fans in Update 9.2

So that the game “World of Warcraft” does not bore millions of users around the world, the developers are constantly releasing updates, filling the game with new quests, mystical tasks, unique bosses, as well as new changes for the characters. However, not all updates are as exciting and fascinating as they say.

In anticipation of the release of the update, fans are divided into two camps. Some are looking forward to the time when they can plunge into the world of changes and discoveries, while others are afraid that the update will repeat the fate of unsuccessful previous updates and the players will again fall asleep from boredom.

In this article, we will talk about the changes that fans will see soon in World of Warcraft Update 9.2.

What Awaits World of Warcraft Fans in Update 9.2
What Awaits World of Warcraft Fans in Update 9.2

The appearance of a previously unknown location

Game developers love to please fans by adding new locations that appear in updates. This update will be no exception. Users will be able to watch the emergence of a new place called Zeret Mortis. Players have not seen this in the entire history of the game and will not be able to compare it with previous locations. Its uniqueness lies in the fact that it is a kind of laboratory in which the afterlife was created.

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It is hard to imagine a new location appearing without any history or group of people that would characterize this place. In this case, we are talking about a group of characters who, between enlightenment and knowledge, and money and material goods, chose the first. Many characters are selfish and seek profit in every endeavor, but this faction has given up everything to protect and fully explore every corner of this location. Each user who helps in this matter will be rewarded with special rewards, items of equipment, and much more.

In addition to the appearance of a new location and a new group of people in the game world, the developers will offer players to abandon the previously used reputation system. Now a new system will be proposed, the essence of which is to get to know the afterlife better, as well as to become closer to the creators and learn to understand them. If you make progress in this, then special rewards will become available to you.

The final raid of the story

Gamers around the world are looking forward to the final raid of the Shadowlands story, thanks to which they can finally find out what in store for the main characters of the story is.

The appearance of a previously unknown location
The appearance of a previously unknown location

For three weeks, users will fight various bosses. The first seven days the raid will be closed, but after that, players will be able to fight in normal and heroic mode. During this time, all users will be able to fight 7 bosses. The third week will be the final one, where all difficulty levels will be available, as well as all remaining bosses. The most recent boss that every fan has to face is the Jailer. To fight him, you will need to gather all your strength together, and you can also use the Jailer’s Gauntlet boost, which will give you a Dominated Hearthstone Toy, Gauntlet Runner Title, and much more.

A new season of PvP battles

Many users over the years have been asking developers to add the ability to fight the enemy alone. However, the developers tried to find a solution for this problem that all other users would like.

That is why this update will introduce a ranked mode. Initially, 6 random players can join the battle, which will fight with their rivals. During the three-on-three battles in various game combinations, the rating of each fighter will be presented. Ultimately, the one with the highest performance wins.

This battle mode will be available as part of testing, as the developers want to check how other users will like this solution and whether it is worth leaving this battle mode. Many hope that even if the mode does not take root, then in any case it will be fun and exciting.

Gamers’ concerns about the new mode are that the developers may not provide for different levels of armor and equipment of opponents, character skills, and other differences. If each item is thought out, then everyone will expect such an innovation.

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In general, you should not expect any special innovations, since gamers still have to fight other players in the arenas, get currency and knowledge. Users will be able to see the emergence of new achievements, a list of awards, and will also be able to compete for the title of the best.


Users around the world are understandably waiting for the release of the update. Here you will be able to observe the emergence of a new place, which is fraught with many dangers. World of Warcraft players will be able to meet new inhabitants who will offer special rewards for the knowledge gained. A new raid waits ahead, which will allow you to fight new bosses, as well as complete the story. It will be possible to get unique models of armor and weapons. Every gamer will find something to do in the new update.

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