Why is Werewolf by Night in Black and White?

Why is Werewolf by Night in Black and White? Let’s explore down to this floor!

Why is Werewolf by Night in Black and White?- Michael Giacchino

Why is Werewolf by Night in Black and White? Director Michael Giacchino reveals,

“It felt like the right thing to do for the spirit of the story we were telling.”

Why is Werewolf by Night in Black and White?- Michael Giacchino
Why is Werewolf by Night in Black and White?- Michael Giacchino

Marvel’s Werewolf by Night in black-and-white! An attempt to celebrate the classical elements of the story. The story of monster hunters competing for the “Bloodstone,” a powerful relic, is based on the character presented in Marvel Comics and shares the continuity with other productions by Marvel Studios (films, animation and television series). Michael Giacchino has directed “Werewolf by Night,” an American television special.

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The 2022 television special “Werewolf by Night” was brought forth for the television frame in response to the inspirational reply by Giacchino to Kevin Feige (the president of Marvel Studios). For instance, Tasha Robinson (from polygon.com), in her article “Marwell’s Werewolf by Night Secret Screening Unveils a ‘Complete Love Letter’ to Classic Horror,” covers the “Q&A” session with Michael Giacchino. The “Q&A” unfolds some of the most inspirational facts about the particular “Werewolf by Night” and transcends the story’s present depiction back to the Classic world of horror fiction.

In the following passages, we will discover what makes this present walk back into the classic world’s triads. Meanwhile, the “Q&A” session will facilitate the discourse on the “Werewolf by Night.”

Why is Werewolf by Night in Black and White?: The Classical Recollection 

Marvel’s “Werewolf by Night” and the Classical Triads

The classical “Werewolf by Night” based on Marvel Comics is not simply a product of a horror story. Instead, this Marvel Studios’ “special” is an inspirational recollection of the classical past. To know the fact, let’s glance at the Director’s explanation for the classic inhabitation of the “Werewolf by Night.”

Here the Story Starts with Childhood Fascination with the Classic- “Michael Giacchino”

 In the “Q&A” session that Tasha has covered in her articles declares his fascination when he says,

“I was having a conversation with [Marvel Studios president] Kevin Feige, and Kevin said, ‘Hey, like, if you were going to direct something, what would you want to direct?'”… “And I was like, ‘Werewolf by Night!’ And he was like, ‘What? Really?’ ‘Yes. Yes! I loved it as a Kid.'”

One can feel the fascination bound to the “Werewolf by Night” from its Director, Michael Giacchino. Alongside this fascination, there dwells the childhood passed while growing up watching the old monster movies. In the “Q&A” session, he further briefs while digging into his past for the present depiction,

“(Giacchino and his brother) grew up on all of the old Universal monster movies,” in addition to classic British movies from Hammer Films and Japanese monster movies.”

Accordingly, the conversation during the “Q&A” session expresses explicitly how the production of the Marvel Studios television special is an enthused attempt to break the present world of horror fiction back into the past. He furthers the discussion,

“”[…] As you can tell, I’m sure, [the Werewolf by Night special is] a love letter to all of those things (probably the old monster movies and “The Twilight Zone”). It’s a complete love letter to all of them for all the inspiration they gave me over the years.”

Why is “Werewolf by Night” in Black and White?: “The Spirit of the Story”

Curving the state to the most significant and concerning dimensions to answer ‘why is Werewolf by Night in black and white?’ are what Mr. Giacchino has exclaimed as “the spirit of the story”: the black-and-white release. 

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Indulging on the same plane, I would like to discuss the “black-and-white” in both the literal and the literary aspects, to discuss the stylistic technique, the character’s (Jack Russell, played by Gael Garcia Bernal) transformation and probably the plot as well. In addition, I will be interested in elaborating the discourse while inhabiting the Director Michael Giacchino and Craig Ian Mann’s (an author of the “Phases of the Moon: A Cultural History of the Werewolf Film”) perspectives.

The Reason for “Why is Werewolf by Night in Black and White?: The Plot, Character’s Transformation and the Stylistic Technique

Why is Werewolf by Night in black and white? Let’s dive into the details. Michael believes that the story follows the classical triads of horror fiction. 

Firstly, the plot of this horror fiction “Werewolf by Night” is linked to the ancestral chain of this genre, which can lead you back to the past progressions that are now being featured in this Marvel television special. 

Secondly, the first facts made Michael and Kevin (Marvel Studios’ president) release the film while reconsidering the coloured picture into black-and-white (the stylistic technique). 

Lastly, the character’s transformation from a human into a werewolf. To understand these, one must know the past characteristics of horror fiction introduced back into the present. It will suffice if we follow Michael’s own words that Tasha has incorporated within her article,

“The special’s classic inspirations were behind the decision to present Werewolf by Night in black and white.”

She further quotes Giacchino while covering the whole decision,

“Giacchino says he shot the special in colour and that the early cuts were in colour, but he was always hoping he’d be allowed to present it in black and white. “So we had a separate monitor that only showed black and white, so I could still check how it would look.”

To sum up, when he showed the results to Kevin, he agreed to release the special under a black-and-white theme. Giacchino concludes this victory with the words,

“So it was one of those stylistic things that everyone got on board (with) as soon as they saw it. It felt like the right thing to do for the spirit of the story we were telling.”

Moving further, you must consider what Michael has to say about the character’s transformation. Hmmm, let’s have a glance at these lines that will connect you to the center of his inspiration from the past for Jack’s transformation into a werewolf.,

Even a man who is pure in heart

And says his prayers by night

May become a wolf

When the wolfbane blooms

And the autumn moon is bright.

Have you got reminded of something? Well, if not, then listen for sure. These lines are from the film “The Wolf Man.” Yes, Giacchino’s inspiration for the wolfman transcends into the past, for the wolfman role played by Lon Chaney, Jr. in 1951. This inspiration is based on how wolfman is presented with its human character rather than emptying him of it. The “Q&A” session briefs these points,

“One of the things I love about films. Werewolf of London was that you could see the actor’s face and eyes. It wasn’t buried beneath a bunch of stuff, or he didn’t just turn into a wolf. [Older film designs] still kept the human qualities. It was essential, especially to me, to say, ‘Behind this thing we call (a) a monster is a person with feelings, somebody dealing with an issue that’s very tough to deal with. None of these monsters want to be monsters.”

From the above discussion, one can easily comprehend the reasons for unveiling “why is Werewolf by Night in black and white. That is to say, the story of the special “Werewolf by Night,” written by Heather Qinn (or Quinn), entails the elements of classic horror fiction, an inspirational throwback into the modern world.

Why is Werewolf by Night in Black and White?: Craig Ian Mann

Before summing up the discussion, here comes the part where I would like to move a step further to feed you guys with food for thought! And I think this step would be helpful for the ones who do not dwell on the mere screen show but rather try to dig the treasure out in terms of interpretations. 

For instance, the author Craig Ian Mann of “Phases of the Moon: A Cultural History of the Werewolf Film” studies the historical depictions of “werewolf characters” of twentieth and twenty-first-century cinema. 

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The study can be reached for a better understanding of the “werewolf” character in the cultural context of the United States. What one may comprehend as simply that on the canvas of imagination, characters take birth out of their cultural and historical context. Here, I can leave you, readers, with curiosity while sharing a concluding excerpt from Craig’s research synopsis,

“To conclude, Phases of the Moon successfully illustrates that ‘the werewolf is not […] “passé” or “infertile”‘ (211) and demonstrates the importance of analyzing (sic) the cultural context better to understand the depiction of a werewolf in a movie.”


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