Who is Mona Kattan, The New Sensation of Dubai Bling Season 2?

Dubai Bling Season 2 started with a bang, treating viewers to more drama, OTT parties, and a brand-new cast of unique characters. One standout among the new additions is Mona Kattan, co-founder of Huda Beauty. While she was already renowned for her makeup brand, the second season’s premiere has sparked curiosity about ‘Who is Mona Kattan?’ To settle the curiosity, the following article provides information about Mona Kattan.

A Brief Introduction to Mona Kattan and Her Journey to Success

Mona Kattan is famous for her makeup line, Huda Beauty. Mona is the younger sister of Huda Kattan, the renowned makeup artist. She is the co-founder and global president of one of the fastest-growing multinational cosmetic conglomerates, Huda Beauty Inc.—Huda Beauty, Kayali Fragrances, and Wishful Skincare. 

Huda Beauty, a reputed brand, was founded in 2012 by the Kattan sisters, Mona, Huda, and Ayla Kattan. The makeup line boasts an impressive 54 million Instagram followers and sells its products worldwide.

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Despite its humble beginnings, Kattan’s beauty brand took off when Huda’s beauty blog started gaining attention. Their first product launch, false eyelashes, was initially sold at Sephora, which marked the commencement of Kattan’s successful career.

Moreover, Mona Kattan founded a fragrance brand, Kayali, which is the first sub-brand of Huda Beauty. Aside from the makeup industry, Kattan is also making waves in the fragrance industry with her product launches.

Who is Mona Kattan?
Mona Kattan, The New Sensation of Dubai Bling Season 2

Entrepreneurship undoubtedly runs in the Kttans’ blood. Monna has pushed Huda Beauty and Kayali to new heights through her utter hard work. Kayali, the fragrance brand, took six years to come into being. She pays homage to her Arab roots through her brand.

Her passion for perfumes is no secret to those who follow Kattan. If you are intrigued, her reality series ‘Huda Boss‘ offers a tour of her perfume closet.

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Mona Kattan’s Net Worth and Age

38-year-old Mona Kattan’s net worth is estimated at around $100 to $200 million. The primary source of her staggering net worth is undoubtedly Huda Beauty’s success. Also, Mona’s fragrance brand has added considerable value to her wealth. It is significant to note that she is the richest cast member of Dubai Bling Season 2, which is currently streaming on Netflix. 

Mona was born in Oklahoma in 1985 to Iraqi parents. She relocated to the UAE in 2003, where she pursued her studies. Mona earned a degree in finance and entered a professional career as an investment banker after attending the American University of Sharjah. Her journey from the world of finance to the beauty industry proves that she is a versatile woman who built her empire from scratch.

Mona Kattan’s Relationship Status 

Mona Kattan is not flying solo. She is happily married to Hassan Elamin, who has been her companion for 20 years. The couple first met at the university and eventually wed in 2022. They have openly shared their love story through couple pictures on social media. Their wedding made history, thanks to the extravagant setup of this memorable occasion.

Just like his wife, Hassan is also a successful individual. He is the Head of Facultative, Middle East, Africa, and Türkiye at Aon Reinsurance Solutions.

Well, this ends our coverage of ‘Who is Mona Kattan?’ We will update this site immediately if more information surfaces about Mona Kattan. So, remember to bookmark this page.

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