Who is Gizelle Bryant Dating: Is She Dating Jason Cameron?

“Who is Gizelle Bryant dating?” This has been a question that fans have been trying to find answers to since season 1. The ex-wife of pastor Jamal Bryant became a part of The Real Housewives of Potomac soon after her 2009 divorce. Then things patched up, and until 2021, she was also the girlfriend to Jamal. However, she caught Jamal cheating with another woman and then got a different woman pregnant. So, the messy break-up and the aftermath made everyone wonder who Gizelle Bryant is dating. She has three kids named Grace, Adore, and Angel from her marriage which lasted from 2002 to 2009. But she again got betrayed in love, and the new dating spree began.

The ongoing question of who is Gizelle Bryant dating has caught the attention because of her on-again and off-again relationship since season 1. After things are officially over with Jamal, there are rumors that Gizelle has a new man in her life. So, who is Gizelle Bryant dating? Do the fans know him?

Who Is Gizelle Bryant Dating? Is She Dating James Cameron?

While investigating who is Gizelle Bryant dating, Bravo and Cocktail uploaded a video of Gizelle and James Cameron having a dimly lit dinner. The six-second video was posted in January 2023, and they enjoyed each other’s companionship. Interestingly, both Bravo celebrities and fans hope to see the much-awaited crossover couple in the upcoming seasons.

Who is Gizelle Bryant Dating Is She Dating Jason Cameron
Who is Gizelle Bryant Dating Is She Dating Jason Cameron

Fans searching for who is Gizelle Bryant dating had mixed reactions upon seeing the video. For them, this alleged couple didn’t make sense. One even said that the match is weird, while another Twitter user claimed Jason has a thing for Bravo women.

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Bravo and Cocktails have laid its prediction to find out who Gizelle Bryant is dating. It claims that maybe Ashley Darby and Luke Gulbrason are the ones who led to bringing Gizelle and Jason together. Moreover, to provide more clarity on who is Gizelle Bryant dating, Gizelle provided further information. She confirmed that Luke and Ashley had set them up for a date. To give more juicy details, Ashley said that she loves spending quality time with the 36-year-old James.

Though fans were all hyped to know who is Gizelle Bryant dating, they also had concerns since James has a history with many Bravo stars. James was with Lindsay Hubbard and then got cozy with Rachel Clark. In fact, when fans were trying to find out who is Gizelle Bryant dating, Rachel said at the same time that Jason was dating a new woman. It is just that we didn’t know it was Gizelle.

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Who Was Gizelle Byrant Dating Before James Cameron?

The speculations surrounding who is Gizelle Bryant dating have been going on for a while. Her love life after divorcing Jamal was all over the place. There was a time when she dated NFL player Sherman Douglas before calling it off. But the quest of who is Gizelle Bryant dating continued, and fans heard about Gizelle seeing another Bravo star in May 2022. Well, it was Peter Thomas, the ex-husband of The Real Housewives Of Atlanta’s Cynthia Bailey. He was in season 3 to season 9 before divorcing Cynthia in 2016.

The gossip about who is Gizelle Bryant dating was all over. Media outlets claim that the duo was seen in restaurants and bars on multiple occasions. Later Peter uploaded a photo having Robyn Dixon, Gizelle, and himself in the frame. This had put the Bravo fans in a frenzy, and there was a lot happening. Well, Gizelle denied any claims about dating Peter. And later, the questions about who is Gizelle Bryant dating began gaining pace.

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Well, the guesses about who is Gizelle Bryant dating will continue unless the reality star officially confirms her relationship. For now, it seems like James Cameron is the man she is going to try her future with. But it takes a lot to be in a relationship. We do not know if the couple is ready yet to take the next step or not. Well, a lot of chaos is awaiting in the upcoming season to find out what happens next in the reality show.


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