Who is Dina Boluarte From Peru?

With Dina Boluarte making news, many are wondering Who is Dina Boluarte? Many women have tried and failed to become the first female president of Peru. While Keiko Fujimori, who had previously run for office three times and lost each time, was widely expected to be sworn in as Peru’s new leader on Wednesday, it turned out to be the relatively unknown Dina Boluarte. Now you know who is Who is Dina Boluarte.

Who is Dina Boluarte: The First Female President of Peru

On Wednesday, Dina Boluarte became the first woman to become the President of Peru. Former 60-year-old lawyer Duarte Boluarte became president almost by accident after Congress impeached Pedro Castillo for attempting to dissolve the legislature.

There has been a lot of political unrest and infighting in Peru in the past, but Dina Boluarte rose to the top position thanks to her perseverance and determination. Keiko Fujimori, daughter of the previous President Alberto Fujimori, had previously made three unsuccessful bids for the presidency. Fujimori was raised in Lima’s political elite with great privilege.

Who is Dina Boluarte: The First Female President of Peru
Who is Dina Boluarte: The First Female President of Peru

Who is Dina Boluarte?

In the southern city of Chalhuanca, she was the youngest of fourteen siblings. After completing her legal education in Lima, she began a seventeen-year career in the city’s public records office. She entered politics for a very brief period and joined the Peru Libre Party, which is affiliated with the left. In the year 2010, she attempted to become the Mayor of the Surquillo district in the city of Lima. Her time in politics has been brief; only four years ago, she made her first bid for public office, vying for the position of mayor of the Surquillo district in Lima. Since then, she has not held political office.

Who is Dina Boluarte?
Who is Dina Boluarte?

A Look At Her Political Journey

In 2020, she made an unsuccessful attempt for a seat in Congress; the following year, however, she was selected as Mr Castillo’s running mate for the election. They prevailed over Fujimori by only a small margin in the elections, and Dina was subsequently elected to the position of Vice President in Congress. She accepted the Minister of Development and Social Inclusion role in addition to her previous responsibilities. Within the first two weeks of Castillo’s power, she resigned as a minister because the new leader had chosen a prime minister she did not support. Her disagreements with Castillo grew more significant over time, and when Castillo made the unexpected decision to abolish Congress, she finally severed all ties with him.

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Bolurate’s Statement After Getting Elected

Now that we know Who is Dina Boluarte, let us see what she said after becoming the president. After being elected, she said that they need the best Peruvians because they have had years of instability and infighting between the executive and legislative branches. Taking charge of Peru is not a simple task. To help advance the country, they plan to form a cabinet open to people of all backgrounds. 

More About Who is Dina Boluarte

Boluarte, who is bilingual in Spanish and Quechua, was previously a member of the Marxist party Per Libre, from which Castillo was expelled earlier this year. The party’s controversial leader, Vladimir Cerrón, who was disqualified from running for vice president due to a corruption conviction, called her a traitor. Prior to her appointment as vice president, she had been in charge of Peru’s national registry office since 2007. In 2018, she attempted but ultimately failed to become mayor of the Lima neighborhood of Surquillo. Boluarte, a former lawyer who worked in the field for 18 years, holds a master’s degree in notary and registry law.

More About Who is Dina Boluarte
More About Who is Dina Boluarte

The low-key lawyer served as the country’s development and inclusion minister for 16 months before being elected president on Wednesday. Who is Dina Boluarte? She is a lawyer and now the president of Peru. 

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A Twist Of Events

The day started off badly when then-President Castillo announced his intention to dissolve Congress and install an emergency government in advance of an impending impeachment vote by lawmakers, a move that the Peruvian Ombudsman called an “attempted coup d’état.”

Additionally, he advocated for parliamentary elections in order to begin drafting a new constitution.

Cabinet members resigned, high-ranking officials reacted angrily, and regional neighbors condemned the move, but it was not enough to stop his impeachment in Congress.

The Peruvian armed forces deemed Castillo’s attempt to sideline lawmakers an “infringement of the constitution” and thus rejected it.

As for Castillo’s dissolution plan, Boluarte herself has spoken out against it, calling it “a coup that aggravates the political and institutional crisis that Peruvian society will have to overcome with strict adherence to the law” on Twitter.

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Now you finally know Who is Dina Boluarte. She is the first female president of Peru.  


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