Who is DeuxMoi? What Is Her Identity?

Have you ever wondered Who is DeuxMoi? If yes, in this post we are going to answer Who is DeuxMoi. On Substack, the real identities of the people behind the popular Instagram account known as DeuxMoi have just been discovered. The Internet culture reporter Brian Feldman’s newsletter, BNet, had been dorman for the previous year, presumably waiting for a deserving cause to reawaken it. It has recently been awakened with the publication of an in-depth investigation that has uncovered the likely identities of the anonymous founders and moderators of DeuxMoi.

Who is DeuxMoi?

A reporter has unearthed the identity of the person who operates the popular Gen Z gossip hub known as DeuxMoi. 

It has long been suspected that the 1.5 million-follower Instagram account DeuxMoi is actually managed by two people. After all, the name DeuxMoi literally translates to “two me,” but prior to the quarantine, no one knew who was behind the account that began as a blog focusing on the fashion choices of celebrities. 

DeuxMoi has participated in a number of interviews under a pseudonym, the most recent of which was an appearance on Showtime’s Ziwe, during which they refused to reveal their race and admitted that they did not have any “Black friends.”

Who is DeuxMoi?
Who is DeuxMoi?

A journalist by the name of Brian Feldman disclosed Who is DeuxMoi in his Substack that, according to the available evidence, DeuxMoi is allegedly run by two socialites by the names of Meggie Kempner and Melissa Lovallo. 

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Feldman stated that DeuxMoi has made the conscious decision to link their individual identities with the more public nature of the work that they do. Feldman elaborated by saying that he believes it is important for people to tell their own stories, and that this is not conflicting with the view that the identity of the person telling the story is newsworthy at the present time. 

In order to solve the mystery, Feldman pieced together hints from various online activities, social media, and records that were available to the public. Because of the tone of the account’s content, the vast majority of people were not surprised to learn that two socialites were behind it. 

Who is DeuxMoi: Two Socialites

Nan Kempner was a well-known socialite in the fashion industry in New York City. Kempner is her grandmother’s granddaughter. Although Lovallo, a model in the past, co-founded DeuxMoi with Kempner, it is believed that Lovallo is the only one running it at this time. 

According to PopCrave, Hailey Bieber, who had previously asserted that she was aware of the identity of DeuMoix, confirmed that Kempner and Lovallo were in fact the individuals she had suspected. 

Who is DeuxMoi: Two Socialites
Who is DeuxMoi: Two Socialites

Know More About Who is DeuxMoi

Meggie Kempner, the granddaughter of a famous socialite, and Melissa Lovallo, who allegedly still runs the show, are two women who have worked in the fashion industry. It’s possible that Kempner and Lovallo are, more or less, the people you had in mind when you clicked on DeuxMoi. It’s possible that the news is disappointing because the person in question isn’t a mysterious Gossip Girl man or a real-life person named Cricket Lopez.

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Feldman was able to decipher the code by using only information that was freely accessible to the public. He combed through years’ worth of posts and tags on social media and discovered an old YouTube video of the two of them in a “disguise” that was not very convincing. Due to the fact that DeuxMoi first appeared online in 2013 as a fashion blog, a massive amount of information of this kind already existed and was just waiting to be compiled.

Despite this, Feldman was required to include numerous disclaimers throughout his article after finding Who is DeuxMoi to clarify that what he is doing does not constitute doxing because he only assembled publicly available, fundamental information such as names and occupations. Feldman went on to say that because DeuxMoi is a public figure who has been gaining more and more influence, it is in the best interest of the public to find out who is in charge of the organization. It’s sad that these caveats are needed after BuzzFeed reporter Katie Notopoulos endured after she exposed the true identities of the Bored Ape Yacht Club’s original, anonymous founders. 

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Now that you know Who is DeuxMoi, how does that make you feel? Let us know in the comment section below. 


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