What Would You Do? Returns for Season 17 with New Episodes Filmed in Iowa

The entertainment show What Would You Do? season 17 is confirmed to air. This news about the seventeenth season has fans excited. Especially so with the rumors of the show being canceled going around. Here is what we know about What Would You Do? Season 17.

What Would You Do? Season 17 Release Date

After a hiatus, fans of the impromptu and socially insightful show “What Would You Do?” can rejoice as the seventeenth season is poised to make a triumphant return, expected to grace our screens in the upcoming Fall of 2023. This return is highly anticipated, particularly considering the unique challenges faced by the production team during the ongoing pandemic.

The COVID-19 pandemic undeniably disrupted the traditional production process of the series, given its format of utilizing real-life scenarios with unsuspecting bystanders. Adapting to safety protocols and ensuring the well-being of the cast and crew while capturing genuine human reactions was undoubtedly a complex endeavor.

However, serendipitously, the show’s return aligns with a significant development in the television landscape. The recent writers’ strike has left networks scrambling to fill their schedules with compelling content. ABC, recognizing the timeless appeal and socially resonant nature of “What Would You Do?,” has seized this golden opportunity. They have wisely chosen to slot unscripted shows into their Fall 2023 lineup, paving the way for the venerable “What Would You Do?” to make its comeback with a 17th season and captivate audiences again.

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What Would You Do? Returns for Season 17 with New Episodes Filmed in Iowa
What Would You Do? Returns for Season 17 with New Episodes Filmed in Iowa

What Is What Would You Do? Season 17 About?

“What Would You Do?” is a captivating television series on the ABC network, hosted by the ever-engaging John Quiñones. The show offers viewers a unique window into the fascinating realm of human behavior when faced with unfamiliar and challenging situations. Its intriguing premise involves the deployment of hidden cameras in real-life settings, where talented actors skillfully portray a wide range of scenarios, all unfolding before unsuspecting onlookers.

As the episodes unfold, the series masterfully navigates the intricacies of the human psyche, probing into the very essence of empathy, compassion, and societal norms. It delves deep into the fundamental questions of when and why individuals choose to step in and intervene in the face of adversity or injustice or, conversely, when and how they opt to remain silent and mind their own business.

Throughout the show, John Quiñones serves as both a guiding voice and a compelling storyteller, shedding light on the motivations and reasoning behind the choices made by the participants in these thought-provoking social experiments. “What Would You Do?” is not just entertainment; it’s a thought-provoking exploration of the complexities of human morality and the unspoken rules that govern our interactions in society.

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What Would You Do? Season 17 Ratings

In the scorching summer of 2020, the sixteenth season of “What Would You Do?” graced our screens, offering its unique brand of thought-provoking content to audiences nationwide. However, the season’s performance metrics revealed a noticeable shift compared to its previous season. With an average rating of 0.37 in the coveted 18-49 demographic and a viewership of 2.28 million, the numbers exhibited a decline of 11% in the demographic and 8% in viewership when juxtaposed with the preceding 15th season.

This decline in ratings and viewership did not go unnoticed and sparked fervent discussions among critics and viewers alike. Many began to question whether the show had lost its once-incandescent spark, speculating that perhaps it had begun to lose touch with its core audience. These murmurs gave rise to substantial controversies, with rumors circulating that the series might face the unfortunate fate of being shut down.

However, amidst the swirling controversies and speculations, the makers of “What Would You Do?” have silenced the skeptics with a resounding announcement of their intentions. They’ve confirmed that the show, despite the recent setbacks, is far from over. In fact, they have assured loyal fans that they are gearing up for a triumphant comeback.

The upcoming season of “What Would You Do?” promises to reignite the intrigue and stimulate the discussions that have made it a staple of thought-provoking television. While the recent performance metrics might have raised questions, the enduring appeal of the show’s social experiments and John Quiñones’ charismatic hosting are poised to remind us why we’ve been captivated by this series for so long. In the world of television, as in life, every season brings its own challenges and opportunities, and the forthcoming season holds the promise of renewed vigor and engagement with its audience.

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