What is Ron Cephas Jones Cause of Death? Emmy-Winning ‘This Is Us’ Actor dies at 66!

The late actor Ron Cephas Jones cause of death was identified as a long-standing pulmonary issue and simultaneously worsening heart-related issues.

How Did Ron Cephas Jones Pass Away?

The passing of the Emmy-winning actor Ron Cephas at age 66 was announced on 19th August. Ron Cephas Jones cause of death was confirmed as complications to a lung disease. Unfortunately, the beloved actor was diagnosed with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and was vocal about the struggles that came with the long-lasting disease. The American actor underwent a double lung transplant in 2020 and a rigorous course of treatment until finally losing his battle in 2023. Yet, Ron Cephas Jones cause of death could not be prevented.

Ron’s struggle with the disease did not go in vain. He took every opportunity to tell fans and listeners about the hardships he had to endure with the disease. COPD is a chronic inflammation of the lungs caused by harsh, irritable substances, especially cigarette smoke.

Furthermore, while the actor was alive, Jones explained how the medical condition had exacerbated. He developed emphysema, which is permanent damage to the air sacs causing carbon dioxide retention and fatigue on physical exertion. Thus, warranting surgical intervention. It was the last attempt to prevent Ron Cephas Jones cause of death.

Life after surgery was also arduous. Jones had to learn how to live again for better survival with the new lung. He was seeking treatment at the UCLA Medical Center. There he was put on and off ventilators for better functioning of the lung. After recovery from the double lung transplant procedure, Ron Cephas Jones cause of death occurred despite him completely revamping his lifestyle—from eating, drinking, walking, and breathing habits—to better accommodate his new lungs.

Yet, the poor actor passed away recently, leaving a gaping hole in the industry after his sudden cause of death.

What is Ron Cephas Jones Cause of Death? Emmy-Winning 'This Is Us' Actor dies at 66!
What is Ron Cephas Jones Cause of Death? Emmy-Winning ‘This Is Us’ Actor dies at 66!

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Fans and Family’s Reaction to Ron Cephas Jones Cause of Death

Jones’ representative, Dan Spilo, broke the news on Ron Cephas Jones cause of death. He remembered him as a generous, warm, and kind-hearted person.

Sterling K. Brown’s statement on Instagram is a testament to the impact the kind actor left on him. After hearing of Ron Cephas Jones cause of death, Brown wrote: “One of the most wonderful people the world has ever seen is no longer with us. “The world is a little less bright. Brother, you are loved. And you will be missed.


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Dan Fogelman, the creator of the television drama series, “This is Us,” also took to social media to express his condolences after hearing of Ron Cephas Jones cause of death. He wrote on X, “Ron was the best of the best — on-screen, on stage, and in real life. “My God: what an actor. I don’t think I ever changed a single take of his in a cut because everything he did was perfect.”

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Remembering Ron Cephas Jones 

Ron’s inner beauty and compassionate persona were depicted through his character of a long-lost father, William Hill in “This is Us.”

Additionally, it was a rather sensitive topic that was beautifully and effectively portrayed in the Emmy-nominated show. Jones is the biological father in the drama series, “This is Us” of the character, Randall Pearson played by Sterling K. Brown. He was abandoned by his father at a young age and after successfully building his career on his own back, Pearson finds and confronts his father.

His recurring role left a huge impact on the series. He played a central role in the earlier seasons but still had enough screen time in the following episodes. Ron Cephas Jones cause of death and illness significantly hampered his appearance in several roles that he had undertaken throughout his career. His short, yet impactful performance helped him bag an Emmy award for outstanding guest actor.

Emmy Award-winning Actor Ron Cephas Jones
Emmy Award-winning Actor Ron Cephas Jones

The legendary actor started his career as a mere bus driver. In the mid-1980s, his career began through hip-hop and performing arts. He then went on to work with A-list actors in bigger roles. Prominent appearances include “Half Nelson” with Ryan Gosling and “Dolemite Is My Name” with Eddie Murphy. Ron Cephas Jones cause of death news has started a series of touching tributes on social media.

The veteran stage actor had an unfaltering dedication to his craft. He instantly joined Broadway after completely recovering from the surgery in 2022. He was nominated for a Tony award and won a Drama Desk Award for his role in the Broadway play, “Clyde’s.” Undoubtedly, Ron Cephas Jones cause of death cut short his thriving career, even after 60.
May Jones’ craft continue to become a testament to his legacy and may the EEmmy Award-winning actor. rest in peace. He is survived by his only daughter, Jasmine Cephas Jones.


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