Vera Season 12 Cast: A Closer Look at the Actors and Characters

Vera Season 12 cast will keep them busy and engaged in solving the gruesome crimes in the setting of Northumberland. We fans do have six interesting cases to delve into. Undoubtedly, the Vera Season 12 cast members are ready to search through the crime scene to discover the truth. There will be a lot of backstabbing, betrayals, secrets, passionate affairs, and heinous activities that keep detective Vera Stanhope busy.

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Since the 12th installment of the show dropped on 15th January 2023 at 8 pm on ITV1, all the fans are excited about what is next in line for the Season. You can stream the episodes again on ITVX the next day. Moreover, discussions about Vera Season 12 cast and the plot became so intense because we fans had many surprises. This Season will have six episodes instead of the usual four episodes. Thus, the mystery of the plot and Vera Season 12 cast are getting dark with every episode.

 Vera Season 12 Cast

With yet another hit, Vera Season 12 cast is all viewers are talking about. So, here is the list of the actors and characters we can see in the 12th Season of the series.

Brenda Blethyn Plays DCI Vera Stanhope

The most crucial member of Vera’s Season 12 cast, the entire show revolves around Brenda Blethyn and her innovative approaches toward crime. Brenda is back again as DCI Vera Stanhope. The talented, kind, witty detective always has an unusual take on cases. She heads the team of Northumberland and City Police. She never stops until the truth of the case is crystal clear.

Vera Season 12 Cast A Closer Look at the Actors and Characters
Vera Season 12 Cast A Closer Look at the Actors and Characters

Brenda has been in the industry since the 1980s, and her famous works were Pride & Prejudice, Saving Grace, and The Witches. She continues to reign in the hearts of her fans as the central detective of the Vera Season 12 cast.

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Kenny Doughty Plays DS Aiden Healy

The second-in-command of Vera, who brightens up Vera Season 12 cast with his charming personality, DS Aiden is loyal and hard-working. He often finds himself difficult when the case involves children and parents. But the DS manages to put together his emotions and fight for what is right. Kenny plays Dan and has been in many famous shows like Wire in the Blood, New Tricks, and Coronation Street. Thus, being a part of the Vera Season 12 cast is not the only thing.

Jon Morrison Plays DC Kenny Lockhart

Serving the forces for decades, Jon Morrison is a must-have in the Vera Season 12 cast. We fans do laugh hard because of his cynical sense of humor. Moreover, his loyalty is unquestionable. The Scottish actor has gained worldwide fame for his notable roles in The Elephants’ Graveyard and Just Another Saturday.

Riley Jones Plays PC Mark Edwards

Though the youngest Vera Season 12 cast member, his talent proves him to be a polished detective. His talent has earned Vera’s trust, and he is always ready to give his best when in the force.

Riley has also appeared in Run and Wolfblood, apart from Vera. He did have cameo appearances in EastEnders as well.

Ibinabo Jack Plays DC Jacqueline ‘Jac’ Williams

Jac is young and passionate and uses her talent to find the key witnesses who can solve the case. This Vera Season 12 cast member also helps the fans to have comic relief at times, all thanks to her sense of humor. Vera can trust her blindly, and she is a valuable asset that will not be let go of so quickly.

Well, Ibinabo may have had a few significant roles in the past, but we are sure Vera will open more opportunities for her.

Paul Kaye Plays Dr. Malcolm Donahue

Paul joined the Vera Season 12 cast as Dr. Malcolm yet again, but he is not an OG member. He became a part of the crime series in Season nine. And oh boy, what a roller coaster ride it was. The pathologist is extremely good at what he does, but he and Vera had trouble in the past. They could have worked better together. However, the duo now have decided to keep the differences aside and focus on finding the truth of the cases. Interestingly, they are slowly getting fond of each other and even respecting the work they are doing. We are happy that the bonds of Vera Season 12 cast members are strengthening.

Fans of Paul are thrilled to see him in a new role after his works in Game of Thrones, The Windsors, and Three Girls. Who knows, he may also be seen in upcoming seasons of Vera.

We have shared all the details about the Vera Season 12 cast and how they impact the series’ storyline. The series’ final episode will be on 19th February 2023, and you will finally get to see all of Vera’s Season 12 cast. So, there are only a few days before you have to wait again for a new season!

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