Sky Rojo Season 4: Is Sky Rojo Renewed for fourth Season?

With the premiere of Sky Rojo Season 3, fans have already started wondering about Sky Rojo Season 4. Furthermore, these fans are working on theories of Sky Rojo Season 4! It indicates that this comedy-action drama television series is a huge hit. Before talking about the fourth season, we want to inform you that the third season was released on 13 January 2023. If you still need to start watching it, you must watch it! Also, keep reading to know more about the fourth season. 

Is Sky Rojo Renewed for fourth Season
Is Sky Rojo Season 4 Renewed for fourth Season

Is Sky Rojo Renewed For the Fourth Season?

As discussed above, Sky Rojo Season 3 is just out. There needs to be more information regarding the renewal of Sky Rojo Season 4. Also, you should not be waiting for Sky Rojo Season 4. Wondering why? Well, because it is not happening!

Sky Rojo Season 4 Is Canceled 

Sadly, Sky Rojo Season 4 is canceled. It is because the series will conclude with the third season. Netflix announced the same back in August 2021 while renewing the show. 

At that time, Netflix shared that a third is happening as good news. However, at the same time, it also shared that the adventure of Gina, Coral, and Wendy will end in the third season itself. Sky Rojo Season 4 is not happening! Additionally, it stated that the final or the third season will house eight episodes in total and will be out in 2022. Of course, there was a minor delay in the official release date of the third season. 

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Why Does Sky Rojo Season 4 Not Happening?

Both fans and critics love the series. The responses were favorable. With all things working in favor of Sky Rojo, the fans cannot help but wonder about the reason for the show’s cancellation. Firstly, even though the series managed to win the hearts of its fans across the globe, it never entered the list of “Top 10 TV Show” charts for the United Kingdom and the United States. The high demography of Netflix in this region clubbed with the failure of the series to become famous; this might have resulted in the show’s cancellation.

Also, the series reached its natural ending in Sky Rojo Season 3. Netflix has not revealed the exact reason for the cancellation of the show. Therefore, all we can do is assume!

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Alex Pina Will Develop More Shows For Netflix 

If you are a fan of Alex Pina after watching his work on Netflix, you are in for good news. According to reports, Alex Pina will continue working for Netflix. He is currently working on Berlin, which is a Money Heist spinoff. The series is based on the character Berlin of Money Heist, whom the fans loved. 

In the series, Alex Pina will take the viewers to the character’s golden age when he was in love. He will, of course, be a robber working in Europe. The series will house white-collar crimes, romance, tension, and, of course, travel. Interestingly, it will only contain an element of humor too. It is expected that the series will be out this very year. 

Alex is also working on an untitled series that the Covid-19 pandemic inspired. However, no information regarding the same is unavailable. 

Even though Sky Rojo Season 4 is not happening, you will see more work by Alex on the platform. Additionally, Netflix is also working on expanding its library of foreign movies and shows. Therefore, you will soon watch many series similar to Sky Rojo on the platform. 

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