Is Venom 3 Release Date Confirmed?

Ever since the fans saw Tom Hardy’s Venom in Spider-man NWH’s post-credit scenes, they couldn’t stop asking about Venom 3. Well, that film came a long time ago! So, what are the chances of getting the third part of Venom? To find it out, continue reading the article! 

The great news for fans is that Tom Hardy has teased the third part of the movie. So this means that we are not that far away from the premiere of the film. You can check out the post on his official Instagram account. In the post, he shared an image of the title page of what appeared to be the script of the movie. Although this is all we got out of the Instagram account, it is still a big announcement that we’ll finally get the long-awaited Venom threequel.

Venom 3 Cast

The movie will fall under the Spiderman universe of Sony; however, it is unknown at the moment whether Andy Serkin will direct the film. But Tom Hardy’s post confirmed that he is yet again the Venom (plus Eddie Brock), and along with him, Marcel is also coming back!

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We are also expecting to see Stephen Graham’s Patrick Mulligan. Because he did not completely die in the second part, Toxin will also be back! We can not say much about Michelle Williams’ involvement in the movie. Sony is yet to announce the official cast lineup for Venom 3, and because of this, all we can do for now is predict. The actor expressed in an interview that she would love to have more screen time as She-Venom. As she didn’t get featured enough in Venom: Let There Be Carnage, there might be more of her in the upcoming Venom movie. 

Venom 3 Release Date
Venom 3 Release Date

And if She-Venom comes back, then, of course, her fiancé Dan Lewis will also tag along. So, count Reid Scott in! Peggy Lu’s Mrs. Chen also has a chance to star in the movie. But that was all about the characters who could return in Venom 3. What about those who won’t be coming back? 

Carnage’s head got chopped off in the second part of the movie so this rules out the possibility of Woody Harrelson returning. Shriek also died in an accident; hence Naomie Harris is not returning either. And there can be crossovers as well! Because Morbius has been gaining much recognition, Sony might try to incorporate him into this universe somehow. 

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Venom 3 Release Date

Venom 3 does not have a confirmed release date yet. However, Sony announced the production of the movie at CinemaCon 2022. Moreover, Sony has released two of its high-profile film in the past few months. So, expect the threequel of Venom to release somewhere in 2023. But these are just mere speculations. 

Venom 3 Release Date
Venom 3 Release Date


There are a lot of storylines that the writers can adapt for Venom 3. But the story will most likely be according to the post-credits scenes of Spider-man NWH and Venom: Let There Be Carnage mid-credit scenes. However, according to the Spider-man NWH, Eddie ended up back in his universe. So, this might be hinting at something. 

We are expecting Toxin to be the new archnemesis of Eddie. Because in the final moments, we saw how Detective Patrick Mulligan woke up with flashing eyes after being assumed dead. Both Brock and Venom will most likely be seen exploring the multiverse. Hopefully, once the plot synopsis for the third part of Venom 3 is released, we’ll know more about it. 

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There is no official trailer for Venom 3, yet however, there are post-credits scenes of Spider-Man NWH in which we got to see our beloved Eddie talking to a bartender. And during this, Doctor Strange cast a spell to eradicate everyone’s memory, leading to all the characters from different universes leaving the present universe and returning to where they originally belonged. As a result, Eddie also got back to his universe. But as Brock was leaving the bar, he dropped a symbiote. And this might mean that Spider-Man and Venom will soon meet in the upcoming movie. 

So, that was all about the upcoming part of Venom. For more updates, stay tuned!