What is Tom Sizemore Net Worth?

Known for his Saving Private Ryan and Heat roles, Tom Sizemore passed away on March 3, 2023, at 61. He was an American actor and producer who worked in the entertainment industry for several years and amassed much wealth. So, what was Tom Sizemore’s net worth at his death? Here are all the details!

Tom Sizemore Net Worth

Tom Sizemore’s net worth was approximately $500 thousand at the time of his death. He was an exceptional actor who worked in various films and TV shows, contributing to Tom Sizemore’s net worth.

However, he often had run-ins with the law due to drug possession, addiction, and domestic violence. These allegations put him in much legal trouble, resulting in substantial legal bills and a problem getting good roles. After all, actors with serious charges are tricky and expensive for studios. This led to Sizemore getting minor parts and projects instead of the vast amounts and projects someone with his talent deserved.

Tom Sizemore Early Life

Tom Sizemore was born Thomas Edward Sizemore, Jr., on November 29, 1961. He was taken to Judith and Thomas Edward Sizemore, Sr., in Detroit, Michigan, and was raised as a Roman Catholic.

His mother, Judith, worked as an active public servant, and his father, Thomas, worked as a philosophy professor and lawyer. The actor even claimed to be of French and Native American ancestry, thanks to his maternal side.

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Tom Sizemore’s Journey To Stardom

The 61-year-old actor managed to bag roles in some high-profile movies. In 1991, he got his first minor role in a hit film called Point Break alongside Keanu Reeves and Patrick Swayze. He played the role of a DEA agent. Roles followed this in a few small films.

Then, in 1993, he was featured in True Romance. The very next year, he managed to get a role as Bat Masterson in Wyatt Earp alongside Kevin Costner. This was followed by a role in Devil In a Blue Dress, and finally, in 1995, he got a role in 1995’s action movie Heat. Robert De Niro and Al Pacino were also in this movie. 

Even though Tom’s life became a mess in the years he was supposed to bloom as an actor, he got a few good roles. In 1998, he got a role in Steven Spielberg’s Saving Private Ryan as Sgt. Mike Horvath. This movie increased the value of Tom Sizemore’s net worth and gave him a lot of success. The cast also included big names such as Matt Damon and Tom Hanks.

What is Tom Sizemore Net Worth?
What is Tom Sizemore’s Net Worth?

More of Tom Sizemore’s Movies

Once Tom Sizemore established himself as a good actor, he worked in several movies in the 2000s. These include Pearl Harbor, Black Hawk Down, Dreamcatcher, and Paparazzi. He also appeared in the 2001 movie Ticker alongside Dennis Hopper and Steven Seagal. 

Moreover, Tom Sizemore lent his voice to Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. This gave a boost to Tom Sizemore’s net worth. In 2011, he had a role in the hit movie Exit Strategy.

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A Look Into Tom Sizmore’s Television Career

After working in several popular movies, Tom Sizemore tried his luck in TV shows. Tom was a series regular on USA Network’s Shooter in 2016 and continued to be a part of the show until 2018. He also took on the role of Agent Anthony Sinclair in the Twin Peaks revival mini-series.

In 2010, Tom became one of the cast members of Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew, which aired on VH1.

In 2011, the late actor also appeared in five Hawaii Five-O episodes. He also appeared in the Crash TV series and Dr Vegas.

Tom Sizemore often had trouble fighting his inner demons. He was suffering from drug addiction at a time when he should have been focused on his career. In 1995, Robert De Niro, his co-star in the action movie Heat, sent him to rehab so that the actor could right his wrongs and go down the path of sobriety. However, this did not last long.

Furthermore, Tom’s legal battles adversely affected his career, as he was accused of domestic abuse and possessing illegal drugs. In addition, his sex tape was also leaked, which according to the actor, did not lead to him getting any money.

In 2003, the 61-year-old actor was convicted of domestic violence against former Hollywood Madam Heidi Fleiss. Due to his actions, Tom Sizemore was sentenced by the judge to seven months in jail. He was also asked to spend four months in drug treatment. Surprisingly, in 2010, Fleiss appeared on television with Sizemore on Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew, season 3. This was just some while after her restraining order against him had come to an end. While the duo kept their relationship cordial during most of the show, they had quite a verbal spat at the show’s graduation ceremony.

Sizemore was again accused of domestic violence against his girlfriend in February 2017. The late actor pleaded no contest. The judge sentenced him to 3 years of summary probation and 30 days of community service. He was also asked to attend a domestic violence program for an entire year and pay various fees. 

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