The Neighborhood Season 6 Release Date, Star Cast: Everything We Know

We have good news for fans because The Neighborhood Season 6 has been confirmed. The following year, we will be back in South Central, immersing ourselves once again in the lives of Dave and the Johnsons. With that said, let’s dive into the details of the upcoming season.

The Neighborhood Season 6: Release Date

The Neighborhood season 6 will premiere on February 12th, 2024. Due to the strike delays, The Neighborhood and other CBS series were rescheduled for the early months of 2024. The 6th season was initially supposed to have 22 episodes, but the number was cut short to 12.

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Unraveling the Cast

Thankfully, the creators are not recasting major roles, and the core cast is set to return for the sixth run. Max Greenfield will reprise his role as Dave Johnson, with Beth Behr starring as his wife, Gemma Johnson.

Hank Greenspan will portray Grover. Cedric the Entertainer will play the role of Calvin Butler, and Tichina Arnold will breathe life into Tina Butler, Calvin’s wife. Moreover, Sheaun McKinney will play the eldest son, Malcolm, and Marcel Spears will depict the younger brother, Marty.

Other than the Butlers and Johnsons, we have the following cast members in the sixth season:

The Neighborhood Season 6
The Neighborhood Season 6 Release Date, Star Cast: Everything We Know
  • Malik S. as Trey (Leslie)
  • Earthquake as Que
  • Gary Anthony Williams as Ernie
  • Sloan Robinson as Old Miss Kim
  • Chelsea Harris as Necie
  • Sean Larkins as Randall

The CBS comedy’s 6th season will also welcome a new recurring cast member. Skye Townsend (A Black Lady Sketch Show) will play Courtney, the mother of Marty’s first child. At the same time, Marty Butler is a confirmed father in the upcoming season.

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What Will The New Characters Bring?

There is no set outline for the plot of the upcoming season. Hopefully, as the release date draws nearer, the showrunners will provide us with the plot synopsis. However, we know how these new characters will unfold. The casting of Courtney’s character confirmed that Marty would soon embrace fatherhood. This character is loosely based on Marcel Spears’ real-life girlfriend, Sarah Francis Jones, who went into labor with their first daughter while attending Beyonce’s Renaissance Tour.

This brand-new character is an MIT graduate who worked with Marty at JPL. Marty will try to convince Courtney to leave JPL and join The Fuse Box. As their professional relationship deepens, they also embark on the journey of becoming parents. Get ready for some new developments in the upcoming season.

Dave’s estranged father, Lamar (Kevin Pollak), is also confirmed to return for a few episodes in the upcoming iteration. Hence, the tension between Dave, Gemma, and ex-con Lamar will continue to grow.

That was everything you needed to know about The Neighborhood’s sixth season. Keep an eye out for more information!

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