The Brothers Sun: Everything We Know

Where else can you find a show seamlessly blending family fun, crime, and action into one grappling storyline? Netflix has done it once again! Brace yourselves for the Asian American crime drama “The Brothers Sun,” as it is coming to grace your screens. Let’s dive into the details of the upcoming show.

The Brothers Sun Premieres in 2024

The Brothers Sun is confirmed to be released on January 4, 2024. Netflix greenlit the project on February 2, 2022, and filming wrapped later that year. However, the post-production phase proved to be a time-consuming part of the process.

Despite knowing the release date, the episodes’ schedule remains a mystery. Showrunner Brad Falchuk signed a deal with Netflix for eight episodes. However, we are still determining whether the series will adopt a weekly release schedule or if all episodes will be released simultaneously.

The Brothers Sun
The Brothers Sun: Everything We Know

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The Creative Minds Behind the Show

The director and executive producer, Kevin Tancharoen (known for “The Book of Boba Fett”), has helmed the series. The writers also include Jason Ning, Amy Wang, Ally Seibert, SJ Son, Andrew Law, Amy Wang, and Justin Calen-Chenn. Promisingly, the cast and crew have significant Asian representation, emphasizing inclusivity. 

Unravelling the Cast Members

The show’s linchpin is the Oscar-winning Michelle Yeoh, who takes on the pivotal role of Eileen ‘Mama’ Sun. Yeoh’s casting is spot-on, especially considering her impressive track record in past action projects that have garnered significant acclaim. Also, fresh yet equally talented cast members will accompany Yeoh.

Justin Chien steps into the role of Charles Sun. His character will represent the struggles familiar to any Asian individual torn between familial expectations and personal aspirations. Charles will struggle with an identity crisis in the criminal underworld to make the plot more interesting.

The Brothers Sun
The Brothers Sun: Everything We Know

Next, we have Sam Song Li, who will portray the polar opposite, Bruce Sun—the character who is clearly out of place in the criminal world. Bruce perfectly embodies innocence in a world not meant for him. The interesting dynamic between these two starkly different brothers promises to be the show’s captivating subplot, as teased in the official trailer.

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Highdee Kuan will take on the role of Alexis. He will share a justice-oriented mindset with Bruce Sun, both struggling with their place in a world they are not meant for.

Joon Lee, portraying TK, will bring humor into the series as Bruce’s best friend and an emerging gangster. Meanwhile, Jon Xue Zhang‘s character, Blood Boots, will add an element of menace to the show.

Johnny Kou (Bitter Sweet, Fighting Men of China) will feature as Big Sun, whose death will change the Sun family forever.

What Will The Brothers Sun’s Plot Explore?

The series will follow the Sun family’s journey through the mysterious worlds of Los Angeles and Taipei. Charles Sun will take center stage as he returns to LA following his father’s assassination in Taipei. Once a successful member of the Taiwanese triad in his hometown, he moved to LA due to unexpected events. Now, beyond safeguarding his family from potential threats, Charles must preserve his father’s legacy. As the show is set to reveal the unknown truth of living a life based on criminal activities, it will also have an emotional aspect.

The Brothers Sun
The Brothers Sun: Everything We Know

The plot will also revolve around Charles’ brother, Bruce, who will be propelled into a world he barely knows. Adapting and becoming familiar with his family’s hidden past takes time. Tackling these huge secrets while accepting Charles’ newfound role in his life will pose a formidable challenge for Bruce.

Amid the crisis, their mother, Eileen Sun, will emerge as a formidable force within the family. Unlike typical stories, “The Brothers Sun” will portray her as someone who requires no protection, contrary to the traditional role often assigned to mothers.

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The Sun family will simultaneously navigate various dangers, relying on their solid familial bonds for survival. The rival factions in the criminal world will become one of the most difficult challenges for all three family members. But the creators have incorporated comedy even as the show delves into a darker plot. Can they overcome it all? The answer awaits the show’s premiere.

Throughout the season, you will encounter several aspects unique to the Taiwanese culture. For example, food stylist Melissa McSorley has worked hard to show traditional Chinese dishes in all their glory. “You can’t tell an Asian story without food being involved because, especially with family, there’s just no way to separate the two,” said Byron Wu, a writer and executive producer on the show.

The Trailer

The trailer’s footage has set the mood for the show before its release. Make sure to stream it before you miss out.


It smoothly blended the family dynamics with an intense fight sequence. Bruce, the sheltered kid, faces his family’s dangerous legacy while Charles takes charge. The strong mother, Eileen, is willing to risk it all for her sons. The real challenge is whether the family can stick together amidst the chaos.

Well, that was everything you needed to know about The Brothers Sun. If more information surfaces, we’ll update this site immediately! So, stay tuned for more.

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