The Munsters Will Premiere in Sept. 2022

The Munsters is an upcoming movie that is the reboot of the “The Munsters.” The story revolves around a family monster that moves from Transylvania to an American suburb. Rob Zombie recently confirmed that The Munsters would premiere in the upcoming month on Netflix. Keep reading if you are excited about The Munster’s release date and all the other related information. The previous movie was an instant hit, and we expect the same vibe from the upcoming movie. Nearly 50 years ago, the original family of The Munsters graced our screen, and now we will be blessed to watch it again. 

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The Munsters: Release Date

Firstly, The Munsters will premiere on September 27, 2022, on Netflix. The movie has been in development since March 2021. Rob Zombie confirmed the same on his Instagram on June 7, 2021. The location scouting of the film began that same month, and in July, the movie entered its pre-production stage. 

The Munsters: Release Date
The Munsters: Release Date

Zombie also shared the blueprints of The Munsters house in July and kept the fans along the ride of the movie productions. Subsequently, many fans were excited and happy to see the detailed blueprint, which was very refreshing. Soon after, Zombie confirmed that along with The Munsters iconic house, even all the Mockingbird Heights is getting construction. Throughout the movie’s development, Zombie kept the fans excited by giving out bits of the movie. Finally, after a long journey, we have a release date for the movie.

The movie’s filming began in November 2021 in Budapest, Hungary, and it was officially wrapped up this year in July. Apart from Netflix, the movie will also be available on Digital, Blu-ray, and DVD. 

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The Munsters feature an impressive cast. Here is the list of the cast members who will feature in the upcoming movie:

  • Cassandra as Barbara Carr 
  • Sylvester McCoy as Igor 
  • Dee Wallace as Good Morning 
  • Sheri Moon as Lily Munster 
  • Jorge Garcia as Floop 
  • Daniel Roebuck as Count 
  • Richard Brake as Dr. Henry Augustus 
  • Butch Patric as the Tin Can Man
  • Jeff Daniel as Herman Munster

Interestingly, Pat Priest and Butch Patrick, belonging to the cast members of the original series, will also appear in this movie. 


On June 8, a teaser trailer was rolled out. The trailer started with a black-and-white recreation. It was a tribute to the original series, and the living color seeped into it. In the trailer, the viewers see Grandpa, Herman, and Lily sitting uncomfortably on a couch. 

Later, in July 2022, the movie’s full trailer was out, and it labelled the movie as the strangest love story ever told. Again a trailer was released shortly after the first trailer to inform the viewers that The Munsters will also be available on Blu-ray, Digital and DVD. 

In the trailer, we could see the horror element with a touch of comedy. The casts look perfect, and we expect the movie will be a joy to watch. 

Check official trailer:

The Plot of The Munsters 

From everything that Rob Zombie has shared on Instagram, we can tell that the movie will not be much different from the original series. Therefore, we believe he will carry this classic show’s original style. According to the official synopsis, this movie is the original series reboot. We will see how a family of monsters cope with their life after moving to an American suburb from Transylvania.

The Plot of The Munsters
The Plot of The Munsters

The movie belongs to the comedy, fantasy, family, horror, and sci-fi genres. It has a PG rating suggesting that it will feature a few scary images, suggestive material and language. Also, we know that the movie will have a heightened color scheme. 

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Wrap Up 

If you have watched the original series and the trailer, you know the movie will fit right in with the original series. It is highly refreshing to see all the classic characters in colour. Even before the release, The Munsters is making a buzz, thanks to the constant updates by Rob Zombie. Let us now wait till September 27 to see if the movie manages to carry the classic charm of the original show. 

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