The Detective is Already Dead Season 2 Confirmed for 2022!

The Detective is already Dead also known as Tantei was Mō, ShindeIru is a Japanese fantasy anime television series written by Deko Akao, directed by Manabu Kurihara, and was picked up for anime adaptation by Studio ENGI. The series was inspired by the 2019 light novel series of the same name written by Nigojū and illustrated by Umibōzu. Since May 2020, there is also manga adaptation of the light novel series being released by Mugiko.

So far, the light novel series is picked up in three tankobon volumes and both the light novel series and manga adaptation of the same has been authorized by Yen Press in North America. The anime series was authorized by Funimation and Muse Communication.

The first season of the series aired on 4th July 2021 on AT-X, Tokyo MX, SUN, KBS, BS-NTV, TVA and concluded on 19th September 2021, also it consisted of a total of 12 episodes with an average run time of 23-25 minutes approximately. 


The series revolves around the main protagonist Kimihiko Kimizuka, who is always prone to attract problems towards him. From the time he came to this world, he is so unfortunate with some strange condition that draws him to tough and distressing situations.

Suddenly, on just a casual day in the 3rd year of his junior high, he was captured and taken as a hostage, compelled to carry a bag onto an international flight and there he met a lady, Siesta who is a legendary detective.

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He was being employed as her sidekick forcefully and hence Kimihiko helped her to stop the plan from getting hijacked and since then he has helped her in resolving many distressing situations. For three years they were together to perform their duties as a team but after the death of Siesta, Kimihiko tries to restart his life to pull himself together and only then he learns that he is not going to escape from her influence on him. 

The anime series performed on average and succeeded in impressing audiences and critics with a rating of 6.3 out of 10 on IMDb and 6.4 out of 10 on my anime list. 

After the mysterious end of the first season, fans are curious to know about the renewal of the series and we have got you covered. Check out the full article to know everything from release to plot of the second season of the anime series.

The Detective is already Dead Season 2 Release Date

The series hasn’t performed so well which might prove to be a hurdle in the renewal of the series for the second season. But since the series do have fans who are asking for the second season so makers may work on the same. There is no doubt that the light novel series is performing very well so it would be unfair to say that there can’t be a second season.

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Considering there is no official word from Studio ENGI or any other crew of the series, we need to wait until they confirm something for season 2 and if it happens then we can expect season 2 to air either by the last quarter of 2022 or the first quarter of 2023.

The Detective is already Dead Season 2 Cast

There is no official confirmation from the team yet on the renewal of the series but if the same gets confirmed we may get to see the below-mentioned characters from the last season, check out below.

  • Kimihiko Kimizuka dubbed by Arata Nagai
  • Siesta dubbed by Saki Miyashita
  • Nagisa Natsunagi dubbed by Ayana Taketatsu
  • Yui Saikawa dubbed by Kanon Takao
  • Charlotte Arisaka Anderson dubbed by Saho Shirasu
  • Fūbi Kase dubbed by Mai Fuchigami
  • Hel dubbed by Yumiri Hanamori
  • Chameleon dubbed by Takehito Koyasu
  • Bat dubbed by Yoshitsugu Matsuoka
  • Cerberus dubbed by Jouji Nakata
  • Alicia dubbed by Maria Naganawa

Apart from them, we can also see certain additions to the characters of the second season of the series.

The Detective is already Dead Season 2 Plot

Before getting into the things that are expected to happen in the second season, if it happens, let’s take a quick recap of the end of “The Detective is Already Dead Season 1”.

In the mysterious finale episode of season 1, we saw that the legendary detective Siesta shockingly comes back to rescue her sidekick. In the great face-off with Chameleon, her attention takes the body of Nagisa Natsunagi under her control to beat the opponent finally for good.

Although she then clears it to Kimihiko that she won’t be coming back to protect him again as it may prove to be a considerable obstacle in the way of the development of Nagisa as a new fabulous detective. 

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In the end, she confessed her love for Kimihiko and accepted that she has feelings for her sidekick. 

After considering the ending we expect that season 2 will explore their story further as they both have a strange combined past. Multiple illustrations were being shown which indicates that Siesta may have known Nagisa in history.

But the series never clearly explained how she knew Nagisa and we may expect that the second season will put light on the same. We hope that the team announces something soon positively.

The Detective is already Dead Season 2Trailer

Though there is not even confirmation about the production of the series so even if it happens, we cannot expect any trailer before the third quarter of 2022.


There are a lot of speculations regarding the production of the anime series which can be a threat to the renewal of the same but let’s stay positive and expect some affirmative news soon from Studio ENGI or any other crew member.

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Abhimanyu Sangwan
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