Ark 2: Release date and Other Updates

Ark 2 is the renewal of the multiplayer video game with dinosaurs named Ark: Survival Evolved. The game is the sequel of one of the most successful films and the game lovers are waiting for the release of the sequel of Ark like crazy. In the Game Awards held in December 2020, the development of the sequel of the game left everyone out there so surprised since the first one is still on hit. 

When can we expect the game to be released?

According to reports, the sequel of Ark will be launched sometime in 2022. So, gamers, be alert since the wait is going to be over. Though there is no specific date announced yet for the game. There is no confirmation from Microsoft about whether that will be a complete launch or not as Ark 2 is planned to follow the release model just like its first part.

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What’s so special about Ark 2?

Well, it will be a big surprise for every individual to know about one the most interesting part which is that there will be the presence of an actor and Ark superfan “Vin Diesel”.

We are sure the fans want to get into the deep information about Ark 2, Let’s get there!

The whole setup of the game Ark will remain the same, even the renewal of the game will still be a multiplayer game where you can still have fights in the game and train creatures to sustain and survive till the end. In the game, there are multiple dinosaurs and also other lost & extinct creatures whom you can make additions to your zoo, ride on and breed in the game. The game is completely for the game players so that they get to know about how the game operates on its own and even they have to suffer from deaths, also with the extraordinary stories of many such excellent players who just play alongside weaker players. 

Ark 2
Ark 2

Something which attracts the maximum attention towards the sequel of the game is that Ark 1 was launched in 2015 if you count on its access period, the same was still under progress and was growing steadily. Apparently, in the past few years, there has been much improvement seen in the performance of the game. 

What will be the concept in Ark 2?

There is no confirmation regarding if there will be any specific plot to show. Being a multiplayer video game experience, the first part of the game has so much to explore along with the science-fictional background of the island. 

There is not much revealed about the upcoming sequel of the game but since Vin Diesel is the part of the game as shown in the trailer so it points that the sequel is going to be loved by millions of fans. As per a report by Microsoft, the actor is named Santiago in the game and it was very clear in the trailer that he has a family to take care of in the game. While playing this game, maybe you need to complete the tasks with or for Santiago. In both ways, it will be fun.

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With the addition of Vin Diesel in the game, the sequel has become more exciting for the players as it’s always really amusing to see an insanely famous actor get involved in a video game. The actor has been made the “President of Creative Convergence Studio Wildcards” by which it states that Vin Diesel is playing much more role for Ark 2 rather than just acting in it. He is also joined Ark 2 as the executive producer. 

As said by Studio Wildcard, Vin apprehends the game and was serving direct opinion for the proper development of the sequel of the game. Further, it was said that this means that Vin Diesel is completely into the game and it would be justified to conclude that he can develop games now.


On 11th December 2020, the official cinematic trailer was released on YouTube since then the fans are waiting for the release of the game, but as we all know that the development does take some time and it will be fair enough to provide them with the same.


Ultimately, we would like to say that there is not much time we need to wait to play Ark 2 and we will update you with every information about the subject, until then stay tuned.

Abhimanyu Sangwan
Abhimanyu Sangwan
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