The ATL Jacob and Tems Controversy Unveiled: A Surprising Musical Drama of Claims and Counterclaims

In the realm of music drama, a recent clash has taken centre stage, involving none other than ATL Jacob and the talented singer Tems. The ATL Jacob and Tems controversy has stirred quite a commotion, leading to tense posts being hurled back and forth between the two renowned artists. It started after the famous producer’s assertion that Tems initially declined to give the green light for the prominent sample of her song “Higher” in Future’s track “Wait for U.” On the contrary, Temms firmly denies ATL Jacob’s claims, boldly stating that he is “TELLING LIES.”

Find out more about the ATL Jacob and Tems Controversy and the singer’s response to Jacob’s claims.

ATL Jacob and Tems Controversy

In a recent snippet from The Baller Alert Show, ATL Jacob, the producer, dropped a bombshell, revealing that Tems initially turned down the request to clear the usage of “Higher” in the song. The plot thickens as Jacob claims it took Future’s intervention, who, in turn, sought Drake’s influence, to sway Tems into giving the green light.


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 “At this time, Future’s vocals on it, he’s on both verses,” said Jacob. “We’re trying to get it cleared [and] Tems wouldn’t clear the song. They just completely said no. [So] Future pulled in his relationship with Drake and he was like, ‘Can you get the song cleared?’”

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Following a chat with the artist behind “One Dance,” she supposedly greenlit the track’s production. Meanwhile, Tems has her side of the tale regarding the creation of “Wait For U.” Responding to ATL Jacob’s TikTok video, the 28-year-old Tems argued about her statement in a comment that has now been deleted.

The ATL Jacob and Tems Controversy
The ATL Jacob and Tems Controversy Unveiled: A Surprising Musical Drama of Claims and Counterclaims

She commented, “This is a BIG LIE. I didn’t even know Drake was on the song [laughing emojis].”

Adding more spice to the story, Jacob recounts their first encounter at last year’s Grammys, where the track “Wait for U” secured a Best Melodic Rap Performance award. He recalls sensing an “irritated” vibe from Tems regarding the song during this prestigious event.

“I talked to her at the Grammys. Like personally, I feel like she was a little irritated with the “Wait For U” song..”I told her like, ‘You ain’t got to thank me, nothing…’ I just want to work,” he said. 

Moreover, Jacob expressed surprise on the show, stating that he did not expect it to be considered a sample, as he had not used sampling before. He referred to his use of “Higher” as a “YouTube song” and distinguished his production on Kodak Black’s “Super Gremlin,” which samples the German rock band How to Loot Brazil’s “Errror.”

In a November 2022 VladTV interview, Jacob recalled Future asking about the sample singer, to which he reassured the rapper, saying, “That’s Tems, but it’s from a YouTube video, you’re good.” In a January interview last year, he acknowledged anticipating challenges in clearing the sample. “I knew it was going to be a headache to clear.”

ATL Jacob and Tems Controversy: Tems’ Manager Muyiwa Awoniyi

Awoniyi, reposting the Baller Alert clip on X in the early hours of January 17, countered the ALT Jacob and Tems controversy. He tweeted:

Jacob responded later, expressing his disappointment. He replied on X, saying:

Awoniyi stuck to his claim, asserting his viewpoint, he wrote on X again:

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Tems’ Response

Tems chimed in on Jacob’s X post, commenting, “I LOVE THIS STORY” and expressing admiration for the phrasing.

Despite her positive reaction, Awoniyi and Jacob disagreed on the platform. Jacob hinted that he never spoke negatively about Tems during the ATL Jacob and Tems Controversy.

The Nigerian singer promptly responded, tweeting:

Her manager backed her stance on the ALT Jacob and Tems controversy, refuting every claim, from refusing to clear the record to the Drake call and the Grammy conversation, stating, “This is literally recorded in HD.” Awoniyi questioned Jacob, asking, “What exactly is wrong with you???”

Reflecting on her Grammy win last year for “Wait for U,” Tems shared with Rolling Stone that she was pleased when approached about the sample. She mentioned, “It was a reach out, like ‘we love your song, and we are using this as a sample,’ and I was like ‘Amazing.’ I thought the song was interesting. I thought it was beautiful the way it came together.”

Moreover, Tems also recently had to deal with more drama related to Future. Allegations surfaced suggesting that Tems was expecting Future’s child. She clarified the rumors to The Cut, saying, “I was apparently pregnant by a man that I’ve never spoken to or heard his voice directly. I’ve never spoken to Future. Not even on the phone. I’ve never met him. But, suddenly, I’m pregnant?”

ATL Jacob and Tems Controversy Resolved

After the clash, the producer shared on his X feed that “No beef.. all love on my end.”

Awoniyi, in one of his recent posts on the issue, concluded with a peace sign emoji. Addressing the situation, he stated:

Well, our coverage ends here. Stay connected for more news from all across the globe.

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